Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday's Thoughts

*Last week was a HUGE event for me at work. It's over and it was a success. Yay!

*This week is VBS and it is during the evening so I am able to be a part. Love it! We are having a blast. I'm in the entering kindergarten class and oh my word! We have 35 kids and they are SO PRECIOUS and so CRAZY!!!

*I've been singing VBS songs all week.

*One week ago today I turned 27. It was the last day of our huge conference at work and I was completely zonked when I got home. John was SO sweet and gave me flowers, a gift certificate for an 80 minute massage and a necklace I've been loving.

*So I think I mentioned this a few posts ago, but we had a plumbing issue about 4 days after we bought the house. Sunday night our oven stopped working. Well, it took 2 hours to reach 200 degrees. They say things come in 3's so I'm sort of dreading what may be coming next. PTL for our warranty though!

*I want the new iPhone 4. I said I didn't but I just saw a video and I want it. Really bad. And I want everyone in my family to have one so we can face to face.

*I am SO ready to host something in our new house. Like dying. But it still looks like poop. I mean the walls are super pretty now that we've repainted them, but there isn't anything hanging, our floors are about to be ripped up and we are getting new furniture in the next month or so. So what's the point right? But I'm ready to host my little heart out as soon as it's all done!

*That's all I've got now. Happy almost Friday!


  1. Well Happy Late Birthday! And that massage sounds like the most PERFECT gift!!! I'm jealous... ;-)

  2. Yea for new houses! Glad things seem to be going well. You should post some before/after pics when you're done. And happy late bday -- enjoy that long massage! :)

  3. Ha, i love new house quirks:)! Glad you had a happy (though tiring) birthday!


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