Sunday, October 30, 2011

Last October Weekend!

How is it that tomorrow is the last day in October already??? I can't believe Tuesday is November...this year is FLYING by. My baby is almost 5 months old...that's just crazy talk!

This weekend was relaxing and perfect. The highlight of Friday was John's craving for caramel apples. I love when I notice him in the kitchen with his iPad pulling things out of the pantry. He did these all on his own!

The made from scratch caramel...did I ever tell y'all about the time last Christmas that he had a craving for creme brûlée and just went and made it? husband rocks. :)

And sadly I just had 1 bite...too many WW points and I'm really hoping to hit a 15 pound loss tomorrow.

Saturday morning we let John sleep in and Hudson watched some Saturday morning cartoons. My little TV junkie...

We also got a pumpkin so we could stick Hudson in it and take his picture. He HATED it. The second John started putting him in it the tears started. It was so sad but that didn't stop us.

Even Daddy's hat didn't help.

These next pictures were taken once I realized the settings on my camera were wrong.

We thought things were turning around for the better at this point.

Maybe we might get a smile...see the tear??


Bottom it. :)

So since we are cruel parents our son just decided to self soothe by sucking on the pumpkin.

I hope everyone has a great Halloween tomorrow!

And please don't call CPS on us.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Random Thursday

A list for you this Thursday afternoon. It's random. :)
  • Life has been somewhat boring lately. Good boring though. 
  • I'm finishing up my house before & after post. Expect it next week. 
  • Hudson is cracking me up lately when he's on his tummy. He gets his arms and legs moving so fast like he is trying to crawl or swim yet he isn't moving anywhere. He will stop and look around almost to see how far he's gone. Ha!
  • One day last week a bird flew into the house! Y' was so funny. I really wish I had thought to video Oliver because he was going nuts. I'm just glad Hudson was taking his morning nap. He was trapped between the blinds and window of the kitchen so I went outside to snap a picture to prove it. Oh and the window is open because that's how I was trying to get him back outside. He came in through the back door I had propped open because it was so cool outside and Oliver was coming in and out so much. Lesson learned.
  • And this one is from inside...
  • Next weekend is Homecoming! I am so excited to get away for a few days and go back to Baylor to see friends. And this will obviously be Hudson's 1st Homecoming. Last year I was 6 weeks pregnant with him and our friends, the Broadduses, were the only ones there who knew. 
  • I'm so excited about Hudson's Halloween costume this year. It's not a typical 1st Halloween costume but I think it's hilarious and it cost almost nothing and everything can be worn again. I'll be sure to share pictures on Monday.
  • Hudson is growing and changing Seriously the boy does something new daily. We are loving it. I especially love his expressions right now.
  • Today he slept until 8:20! He started whining/crying around 6:00 am and I let him do that for a few minutes until he fell back asleep. I expected him to wake up around 7:00-7:30 like he usually does. I woke up at 8:20 SHOCKED that he was still asleep!
  • I've lost almost 15 pounds on Weight Watchers in about 6 weeks. I love the new plan and I love that my mom and sister are also doing it with me. Plus my blog friends Katy and Darci are also doing it. 
  • Last night we were playing around with Skype and Photo Booth. Hudson was loving that he could see himself. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

iPhone Rewind {September edition}

I realized today that I never dumped my iPhone photos from here they are!

 Hudson rarely takes his paci anymore. He will if he is super tired but usually he's too busy sucking/chewing on his fingers. I love when he does and I really love when he holds it.

My sweet boy wiped out during a nap. This was before he started rolling over to his tummy when he sleeps. 

Hudson and Landry hanging out in his crib watching the mobile. 

One morning before Bible study.

In Hudson's room with Oliver.

I can't get over this sweet boy!

This was how he fell asleep the night I hosted Bunco. John texted me this picture. Now that he sleeps on his tummy I miss the arms out sleeping. 

We were unbelievably blessed before Hudson was born and received SO many diapers. Hudson outgrew size 1's before we used all the ones we had so I returned all of these and got credit to buy what we need now. I've only had to "buy" 1 box of size 2 diapers and I used credit. We still have so many boxes of 3's and 4's.  

In his precious 'H' bow tie onesie. (that's Oliver's tail above his head)

The day he turned 3 months old.

This boy loves his Sophie! This was the first time he grabbed onto her. 

We absolutely love it when Hudson sticks out his bottom lip when he gets upset. I finally got a picture of it!

At our friends house one night Hudson was getting a bottle from Mike. 

Hudson's first night unswaddled and he did great. 

My Erin Condren Life Planner that came at the beginning of September.

This was when I thought he was going to really be a thumb sucker. He will suck any finger on either hand. Or a combination of fingers. He doesn't care. :)

The boy moves around his crib like crazy when he sleeps! We have to go in sometimes to move him because he will get stuck and it wakes him up. We move him quickly and he goes back to sleep right away. 

Asleep after one of our evening walks.

 Every time John changes his diaper he puts the clean diaper on Hudson's head. Hudson loves his diaper hats!

Happy playing in his crib.

The first night we did CIO Hudson cried for 1 1/2 hours. It was so awful...I sat outside his door for about 30 of those minutes. Thankfully his 2nd night he cried for 30 minutes, 3rd night 10 minutes and 4th night he went right to sleep. :)

Doing a little morning reading. 

At the end of September we finally re-landscaped the front yard. This was our last big renovation project. I have so many house posts to do. Get ready for a big Before & After post! (I know I've said that before but I'm actually working on the posts and have pictures!)

Hanging out in the Bjorn. 

Sucking on an ice cube through a blanket.

September was a great month with this sweet boy!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Our Fall Weekend

First, there is an Erin Condren sale on Zulily today. $50 credit for only $25. Click here to get started!

We had a wonderful fall weekend full of pumpkins, college football, and a picnic.

Friday (my new favorite day of the week now that I am a SAHM because it's John's day off) we went to our local pumpkin patch. It was small but full of lots of pumpkins and we got lots of great pictures of Hudson.

the crying pictures might be my favorite. :)

Good thing his daddy knows how to make him feel better.

While we were downtown we picked up turkey burgers (hands down the best turkey burger ever) from our favorite place and had a picnic. The weather was gorgeous!

Saturday we stayed home and watched the Baylor game. Sadly we lost to the Aggies but Hudson still enjoyed wearing his green and gold.

He practiced his Sic 'em!

It was a beautiful weekend with my boys! Happy Monday!
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