Friday, August 31, 2012

Emma has a birth date!

Or at least we have an end in sight. We had my 30 week appointment this morning and scheduled her c-section for Friday, November 2.

It's good to know I won't be pregnant on Saturday, November 3. I'm also nervous about the date that we scheduled.

My water broke at 6 am when I was 39 weeks pregnant with Hudson. I'm not sure how much that has to do if/when I go into labor with #2 but if I repeat the same thing with Emma, she will be born on Halloween.

I was really hoping my doctor would have said, "ok, when would you like to have this baby?" and I would have responded, "October 30!" Even though I knew that was a stretch because I would be 38wk6d pregnant that point, it would have been what I would have picked.

I have nothing against Halloween. I love the holiday. I like to celebrate Halloween, not "fall dress up day" or whatever else it could be called. My kids will trick-or-treat. (did I prove my point I'm not against Halloween?) I just don't want any of my kiddos to have a birthday on a holiday. Any holiday. I want their day to be their own. Make sense?

So enough about that. Everything else checked out great at our appointment and we go back in 2 weeks. I seriously can't believe we are at the every 2 week appointments point of this pregnancy.

And because I was asked by so we are at 30 weeks. Whoa baby!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

iPhone rewind

Here's a quick post of the last few weeks with pictures from my iPhone.

Hudson has finally learned how to blow bubbles. He will put his face in the water and gets so proud.

His splashes are getting so big I end up pretty wet by the end of bath time.

One Sunday after church, we went to Schlotzsky's for lunch. They only had 1 high chair (which was already being used) so Hudson sat in a booster seat for the first time. He did great!

John gave me hydrangeas (my favorite) for our anniversary and they lasted for almost 3 weeks! 

My drink of choice at Starbucks while I'm pregnant is an unsweet passion tea lemonade. Hudson is a huge fan too.

Playing with his BFF after his bath one night. 

He's a big fan of boats. He calls them "bot" and sometimes "bopt"

John went fishing a couple of weeks ago and caught a ton of black drum and flounder. Our freezer is nice and stocked.

We dropped lunch off to John one day at church and during the less than 5 minute drive home Hudson fell asleep. Thankfully, we made the car seat to crib transition successfully and he took a 3 hour nap!

One of Hudson's birthday presents was this whacky ball toy. He loves to "smash" the balls. I'll say, "smash smash" and he will try to say it by saying, "nash nash."

I started drinking coffee last week. When I'm not pregnant, I have about 2 cups of coffee every morning. But when I'm pregnant I try to stay away from caffeine. Last week I couldn't do it anymore. Without the coffee I was needing a nap everyday. Now, I can make it through the day and get done things I need to do.

Hudson has his 4 top teeth, 4 bottom, and 4 molars but last week for some reason, he was going to town on Sophie. He hasn't chewed on her in 6 months!

That same day, finger sucking during the day. He only does this when he's getting tired before he goes down for a nap or bedtime. And in his sleep.

To celebrate not having gestational diabetes, I had an afternoon snack of red velvet cookies. 

Just throwing all of the books and toys from his room, out into the hallway. 

I heard screaming in the laundry room the other morning and went in to see this. (notice how there isn't much at all on our bottom shelves...Hudson likes to throw it all on the floor so we keep them empty now.

Alright, that's it for now. :)

Monday, August 27, 2012

weekend recap

We had a good weekend. Productive, relaxing, family time. All very good things. 

Thursday night when we went to bed I told John that I wanted to get the guest room cleaned out and get it ready to turn it into Emma's room. I worked like mad all day Friday and all that is left is a bed and empty night stand.

The room wasn't really too bad because it has been a functioning guest room for 2 years. However, we haven't had any overnight visitors since Hudson's birthday party in June so it has become a dumping ground this summer. 

My whole heart. I love these 2 more than anything else.

Friday night we made fish and chips with some fish John caught a couple of weeks ago. It was SO good.

I was so excited to see Emma's first 2 outfits from Pumpkin Butter Kids. The turkey is a gown that she will wear this year. She will be about 4 weeks old! And the bird romper will be for the spring. And the colors in the bird are pretty much the exact same colors we are using in her room. Ashley is the best!

And Hudson's Thanksgiving tshirt. I can't wait to see them in these!!

Emma's closet so far. We still need to rebuild it and maybe paint it. 

John's mom gave us a Sam's membership for our anniversary this year so on Saturday we went to join and walked around. Hudson loved the samples. 

Sunday was Round Up Sunday at church (promotion Sunday) so we had a BBQ lunch after. Hudson sat in a regular chair and ate off of his own plate. He is getting so big! 

Sunday afternoon I tried making homemade French bread. It did not turn out. I would still like to find a recipe that works, but this one did not. Emma got a little messy in the process. :)

We had a random rain storm Sunday afternoon. We took Hudson outside and he had a blast playing in the rain! 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Have a great week!

Sunday, August 26, 2012


I've been MIA the last almost 2 weeks! My MacBook Pro charger broke. Literally, the wire busted and there were exposed stringy wires. Not safe for a 14 month old to be around. We were out of town and things got busy and I just haven't ordered a new one. It's hard to shell out close to $80 on that! I still haven't ordered one but I've borrowed a very sweet friend's charger.

Lately, we've just been doing our normal thing. Spending lots of time at home, inside. It's so blasted hot still and this {almost} 8 month pregnant mama gets worn out very quickly with a very energetic 14 month old. Hudson is learning something new every day. He is so funny and smart and we are loving this stage right now.

We have an OB appointment on Friday morning. Where we will be scheduling my c-section. Oh.My.Word. How can we already be at this point!?!? We have 9 weeks until she will be here. WHAT?  That just blows my mind. We spent the day on Friday cleaning out the guest room to get ready to transform it into her room. No, we haven't done that yet. Good news is we don't have to paint it. Yay! It is a soft turquoisey-blue color if that makes sense. It will go perfectly with what I have planned in my head.

Today, Hudson was promoted out of the baby room at church. He did great in his new classroom and I was so happy.

I'll be sharing some pictures tomorrow of what we've been up to. I'm too tired now. :)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Gulf Shores {part 4}

Our last day in Gulf Shores. We spent the morning in the pool and at the beach and then after Hudson's nap we went to lunch at Cosmo's. 

Later that evening we ate dinner at Cobalt (our favorite!) and sat outside by the boats.

Being outside was great because Hudson was happy and he was able to walk around some.

The beach the morning we left. :(

We made the entire 11 1/2 hour drive back in one day. By the time we got to Sugar Land, Hudson needed a break so we stopped in a parking lot of a closed business to let him run around. 

I still have some more pictures I want to share but need to get those from John and my mom. Stay tuned. :)

Gulf Shores {part 3}

yet another Gulf Shores picture post. :)

An afternoon beach storm rolling in.

One day, everyone except for me and Hudson, went deep sea fishing. (that will be a separate post.) Hudson and I got to enjoy some quality time just the 2 of us in the pool. I wasn't brave enough to do the beach with him by myself. 

An evening snack on the balcony.

reading with Uncle Mark. He's a huge fan of his Uncle Mark!

Our home for a week. :)

this was our last pool/beach day. 

Hudson became a pro at walking in the sand. 

Hudson's hair is so light and it got even lighter while we were gone. My little blondie. :)

Back to climbing. His favorite part about the beach.

Hudson learned how to say boat while we were there because of this float he was in all week. He said, "bot." And sometimes it came out, "bopt."

This was from our very first day in Gulf Shores. When we got into town we went straight to Lulu's for lunch. It was the perfect place because Hudson was able to run around and play. 

Our view.

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