Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New House Resolutions

Because we are less than a week from CLOSING ON OUR HOUSE I thought I would share with you my New House Resolutions. These are goals that I have for us as homeowners. I have already shared them with John and he didn't disagree with me...too much.

1. Always make the bed. Everyday. Not even coming close to doing this now and I hate it. I figure if I am a homeowner I can at least make my bed.

2. Keep the weekly menu on the chalkboard. The chalkboard that I do not currently own but have always wanted in the breakfast nook. Any tips on where to find one/make one would be greatly appreciated.

3. Always have fresh flowers in the house. My goal is to have at least a bud vase with a fresh flower. I can at least do that when we are trying to watch the budget.

4. Eat outside in the backyard at least 3 times a month. I would like to say 4 (going for once a week) but figure saying 3 times a month is more manageable.

5. Only eat dinner in the family room 1 time a week. We are HORRIBLE about always eating our meals on the couch in front of the tv. I would love to change this in our new home. Plus we will have the breakfast nook and won't feel weird about eating in the dining room (the way it has been in the apartment and duplex.)

6. Complete at least 1 house project a week. We have SO MANY things we want to do to the house. We have created a spreadsheet on Google docs that we share and can add things to it. We have it broken down to priority, cost, where to buy, etc. There is a large range of things to do and I would like to do at least 1 thing a week. I might be too ambitious on this one.

7. Have a plan for the landscape project complete by the end of the summer...August 31 and have it completed by October 31.

8. Host at least 4 backyard bashes this summer.

9. Have dinner guests once a month. If we have out of town guests that month, it counts as our dinner guests.

Let's just stick with 9. 10 is too cliche mkay?


  1. I love your list! I wish I could say I do #1 everyday, but...no, it doesn't happen. Maybe I should make that a goal!!

  2. Those sound great!! I have this tutorial saved for making a chalkboard for my kitchen/breakfast nook! http://bspokeblog.com/?p=139

  3. great resolutions! although I cringed when I read it b/c I don't do any of those. I think the only time I make my bed is when I change my sheets. haha!

    for the chalkboard, hit up goodwill and look for a frame you like. pop the glass out and spray paint the frame the color of your choice. then just paint over the glass with the chalkboard paint. easy peasy!

  4. THAT Is such a great resolution list! I think that making the bed everyday makes a huge difference- a room looks so much cleaner with a made bed!

    Yet, I haven't made my bed today

  5. well, i definitely don't know if the bed thing will stick. i think you should give that responsibility to john. when patrick's home- our bed gets made. when he's gone- too bad. our chalkboard is from ikea. we like it. it's budget friendly. in regards to the dinner guests- i know you guys will have MORE guests than once a month. i mean, if we're there every month we can't be the only guests you have over (i wish we could come that often!)... and a backyard bash- can you have one with us in town? thanks.

  6. These sound like wonderful resolutions! Can't wait to hear all about your new house!

  7. I don't even remember the last time #1 happened at our apartment. :) I think you have a good list, but remember to give yourself some grace as you settle in. :)

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