Thursday, May 6, 2010

all things HOUSE

Two weekends in a row we spent many many many hours looking at and picking out things for our new home!

Our very first purchase were these new numbers...we were so excited!



Hello overwhelming...


we went to a lighting and design center to look for new light fixtures and fans (we MUST replace all that shinny brass STAT!)

We loved this one for the entryway...


but we're afraid it won't look right since we don't have vaulted ceilings.

Love love love this one for the dining room...


but it's WAY TOO BIG!!

This is the one I am thinking will work for the dining room...



Wow, we really haven't had much lighting luck.

And finally...the hardwood floors...

Fireside Hickory

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the hand-scrapped texture of these floors.

We are still trying to find furniture but we have TONS of fabric samples and we have picked out our paint color for the "great room." The color is called "Lamp Room Gray" and will be on the walls of the kitchen, family room, entryway, formal living room, and formal dining room.

We close in 11 days and move in 16 days!


  1. So, so fun!!! I've spent more time at Home Depot in the last two months than I ever have in my whole life. But it's a blast! I LOVE those floors!

  2. how exciting! isn't lowes and home depot so overwhelming? i walk in and don't even know where to start.

  3. How fun!! Mom and Dad are building a house behind the "big house" and we're moving to the "big house". I can't wait to get to shop for all things house! Maybe I'll just let you shop and then copy what you buy!!! Who would ever know...totally kidding, or am I?

  4. lindsay, you won my necklace giveaway! please email me your info. congrats girlie!

  5. It MUST be a great house with THOSE numbers ;-) Ahem....same three digits as ours. Different order, but hey.


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