Friday, June 24, 2011

2 Weeks Old are 2 weeks old!

(for those you worried...I'm not going to do weekly posts forever...just until he is 1 month old)


This week has been interesting at night for sure. You wake up around 2:00 and are WIDE awake! It takes usually at least an hour and a half to get you back asleep.


Tuesday you finally latched on the other side. You still have one that you prefer over the other, but we are working on that. I'm just thankful to have a break on that side. :)


You are becoming more alert and are spending more time awake during the day. You still sleep a ton, but it's nice to see your beautiful eyes more!


We have your newborn pictures tomorrow and I'm a little nervous about how you will do. You have not put yourself on a schedule yet and when you are hungry you let us all know but I also can't wait for your newborn photo shoot.


Last night your Daddy sang just about the entire soundtrack to The Sound of Music to you and it worked like a charm to get you to calm down. You aren't usually fussy, but you've had a few bouts of it this week.


Yesterday you met your Uncle Scott, Aunt Melanie and cousins Topher and Ellie. They all loved you and you made your first trip to Chick-fil-A. You slept the entire time which Mommy was very thankful for. She wasn't ready to feed you in public yet. (under the Hooter Hider of course)


On Monday we took you back to the hospital so you could have your 2nd PKU test. I HATED holding you down when they did the heel prick. It was not fun and I did shed a few tears. I'm not looking forward to shots.

Monday you also went with Mommy and Daddy to Sears so we could buy a new refrigerator. We kept you covered up in the stroller and you just slept the whole time.


Hudson, we love you so much and our lives are so much better now that you are here. You change every day and we are loving watching you grow and develop!


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hospital Visitors

We tried to get pictures of everyone that came to visit us in the hospital but sometimes we forgot or it was too busy. But we had so many people who came to meet and love on Hudson. We are so blessed!

The Chavana's who are about to welcome their sweet baby girl, Landry!


Addison is going to be an amazing big sister.

Jennifer and Hudson

And Jennifer's daughter Carolyn

My sweet friend Jamie

And her two boys


Mickey and Minnie


The Bakers (minus Tyler)

The Ratliff's

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day


I knew he would be an incredible daddy.


But he is more amazing than I could have imagined.


I have a new, stronger love for him.


His love for Hudson is so sweet and I love watching the two of them together.


He has been so supportive of me as I recover from the c-section and has probably changed more dirty diapers than me.


I love you, John and I am so thankful that you are the Daddy to our precious son.


The Lord has blessed Hudson and me with an amazing man!


Friday, June 17, 2011

1 Week Old


You are 1 week old today!

1 Week Old

I've got to say, I am in shock that you are already 1 week old. And today is my due date! I'm already enjoying today so much more than a week ago.

Last night as Daddy and I were in bed trying to get you to calm down I got big time tears in my eyes. This week has gone by so fast. You are the most amazing gift we have ever received and everyday we talk about how perfect you are.

You sleep like a champ! Unfortunately, last night this caught up with us and we had a hard time getting you to go to sleep but you finally did. You only wake up 2-3 times a night.

For about a day and a half we had to supplement with formula because mommy's milk hadn't come in yet and you were a starving little boy. But now you are only breastfeeding and doing so well...with one side. The other side you are not interested in which is causing some major soreness but we are powering through. :)


At one week old you love your bouncy seat. It almost instantly puts you to sleep although you really don't need much help in that department. You have been sleeping in your crib since your first night home from the hospital. It has been so good for you and us. We swaddle you and put you in your crib and you sleep so well.

Although, without the Angel Care monitor we would not be able to do that. We love that thing!


You also love your Wubba Nub. You will put your hands over him to hold your paci in your mouth. You are so smart already!

You are still so tiny. When we left the hospital you weighted 7 pounds 1 ounce. You have the sweetest little chicken legs.

We love you beyond words Hudson. We cannot imagine life without you and we are falling more in love every day.

Happy 1 Week sweet boy!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hudson's Birth Day

First of all, thank you all so much for all of your sweet comments, tweets, text messages, emails and congratulations! We are so beyond blessed right now and are grateful for our new precious gift.

If you had asked me last Thursday night (which several people did at Bunco) when I thought Hudson would make his appearance into this world I would have bet big bucks that it would be today at the earliest. I was so convinced that he was happy and not planning on going anywhere for a while. So I guess it's a good thing I'm not a gambler!

Friday morning I woke up at 6:00 and thought that I needed to go to the bathroom. I had been up every hour that night going to the bathroom so it wasn't unusual at all. As I turned over in bed I felt a "pop" and immediately thought "this is it" and jumped out of bed because the waterproof mattress protector that we bought on Memorial Day was still in the drawer of my bedside table. Opps.

I went to the bathroom and then to the guest room to get John. He had to move in there in the middle of the night because pregnancy had caused me to start snoring. I turned on the light and said, "John, my water broke!" He jumped out of bed with a huge smile on his face. He was so ready.

As I was standing at the edge of the bed I had the real water breaking experience and had to have a towel between my legs as we got the last minute things for the hospital.

We got to the hospital at 6:30. They took me to a triage room and the nurse who we knew from one of our classes said she didn't want to even bother messing up a room because my water had clearly broken. So they took us straight to our birthday suite (which I labor in, deliver in and recover moving!)


They got me all hooked up and then the waiting started. By 9:00 I started feeling contractions. Not bad at all though.

At 9:40 Dr. J came by to check me and said I was still just a finger tip dilated but his head had come down. He ordered pitocin to start to help things along.

9:50 they started the pitocin and by 11:30 I was really feeling things so I asked for my epidural.


At 11:45 I got the epidural and started to feel relief almost immediately but by 12:20 my blood pressure dropped big time and it caused Hudson's heart rate to drop. Dr. J, the anesthesiologist and several nurses were in the room as they monitored me and Hudson closely. They stopped the pitocin. And threw a pair of scrubs at John and said to be ready for a c-section.

They gave me something to bring up my blood pressure and had me laying on my left side. What they did worked and by 1:15 Hudson and I were doing great.

Dr. J went back to his office and the nurses continued to monitor me and Hudson. They started the pitocin again.


At 2:00 Dr. J called to check in and since I had not made any more progress he said that by 4:00 if I was still at the same spot we were going to do a c-section. Hudson just wasn't coming down like he should and wasn't responding well to the pitocin.


At 4:00 my mom and John's mom both got to the hospital. I was so glad that they got there in time to see me before I went into surgery.



Around 4:30 they started getting me ready for surgery and by 5:00 they took us back to the operating room. They gave me a more concentrated medicine through my epidural and I felt absolutely nothing.

John was incredible. He stayed by my head the whole time encouraging me. We were so anxious to hear our little guy come out and cry his first sweet cry.




At 5:16 Hudson Spencer Woods was born! He was so perfect and had lots of dark hair.

John got to cut the cord and then left with Hudson to show him off to his family that was waiting in the hall. They took him back to our room where he got his first bath, checked out by the pediatrician and weighed and measured while I was getting put back together.

I was out of there by 5:45 and was very out of it. They took me back to our room where our family and a few friends were and I got to hold my sweet boy for the first time.











I was out of there by 5:45 and was very out of it. They took me back to our room where our family and a few friends were and I got to hold my sweet boy for the first time.


I was having some issues after the c-section. I was in a crazy amount of pain and it felt like I was laying on a heating pad even though I wasn't. It took me about an hour before I was feeling okay again.

We spent the rest of the evening loving on our new baby boy and showing him off to family and friends. It was the most amazing day ever and the best birthday present I could have ever asked for!














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