Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Curtain Disaster = Pregnant Meltdown

Let me start by saying, I have not experienced pregnancy brain like most of my pregnant friends did. I have one thing in mind that could be classified as pregnancy brain. But also as trying to get 100 things done at once. So whatever.

I have however, had CRAZY pregnancy meltdowns complete with ugly crying and irrational thoughts. My poor husband. John has been amazing through each one.

Last night was probably the worst one. While we were in McKinney last weekend doing baby shopping we got curtains from PB Kids. They are simple blue curtain panels.

So last night we were hanging them and once we got 2 of the panels on one of the windows I told John, "Um, babe. They are crooked. You hung them crooked."

He showed me that in fact they were hung perfectly level so then I realized that the curtains were about 2 inches different in length. So I checked the packaging and they both said 84". I checked the tags on the actual curtains and they both said 84". Then I noticed a smaller tag underneath the main tag. One curtain said "10/2010" and the other said "3/2008."

My interpretation was that one was manufactured 3 years ago and the other just a few months ago. So I checked our other 2 panels we had for the other window and there was one of each to match the 2 dates we already had.

We removed the newer panel from the curtain rod, added the 3 year old panel and then there was about a 1" difference! I was so angry.

I was stressing out because not only were they uneven panels, but I was starting to second guess the color that we chose. The walls of his room are painted a very light airy blue color and these panels were a darker light blue. Make sense? They match the bedding perfectly but once they were on the wall, I didn't like the blue on blue.

So I emailed my mom and told her what happened and she emailed back right away and said she would call the next day and have them measure them outside the package and she would go and pick them up.

I emailed her right back and told her not to do that because I wasn't sure about the color anymore. By this point I'm starting to ugly cry.

Long story longer, as John was trying to talk me down from my crazy, hormonal preggo meltdown I was snowballing. It went from not knowing what to do about the curtains, to not sure if we had the furniture in the right place in his room (super easy fix), and we didn't have anywhere to put his books or toys yet.

My crazy, hormonal preggo meltdown lasted about 2 hours. I was red, splotchy, swollen and woke up this morning swollen and with a headache.

It was so bad and ugly.

At one point last night John leaned over to my belly and said, "Stop doing this to her!"

On a positive note, we now know what we are going to do about the curtains and I'll share pictures of what we've done in his room so far soon.


  1. Ha!!! I'm cracking up about this line: "At one point last night John leaned over to my belly and said, "Stop doing this to her!"

    Love something I can imagine DW (or any man really) saying!

    I'm sure what you've done to the nursery is perfection, girl! Can't wait to see it.

  2. cant wait to see pics of your nursery. i'm sure it will be adorable. gotta love those meltdowns...i think they are normal for all pregnant women. :)

  3. The first rule of Pregnancy Brain and Hormones is we don't admit to Pregnancy Brain and Hormones. It's not you, it's them. During the breakdown did you feel like you were actually floating above your fit-throwing body, watching it all unfold? Good to know I'm not the only one:)

  4. Yes Autumn...that is exactly what it felt like! I was trying to explain it to John last night.

  5. I only laugh because I can relate! I had BAD Prego brain and only one major melt down. I was 3 weeks prego and cried for 2 hours that I was going to have a hairy baby that looked like a monkey and that everyone would sympathetically tell me my baby was "cute." The things babies do to us!!!

  6. Well if it makes you feel any better, I remember not talking to my husband for 2 days because he ate the rest of my ice cream. He offered to get me more but I refused, because I wanted THAT ice cream ( that he ate)
    Its all part of the joy of pregnancy.

  7. It would be funny, if it weren't so familiar!!! :-)

    Good luck, guys. This is the EASY part! hee hee!!


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