Thursday, July 21, 2011

Newborn Picture Preview

When Hudson was 2 weeks and 1 day old we had his newborn pictures done. The amazing Ashley Patranella of Painted Peacock Photography came to our house to get some amazing shots of Hudson and a few of our family of 3.

I don't have all of them yet, but here are a few sneak peeks!









And my absolute favorite...


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

iPhone Rewind

I have SO many pictures on my iPhone that don't always make it onto the blog. My phone is usually closer to me than my camera so there are some really cute things that I want to remember. These are from the past several weeks.

WARNING....picture overload! :)

Hudson's first time in the pack & play and first time in a hotel.

My little messy eater.

Oliver loves his brother...we can't wait for these 2 to chase each other around!


1 month photo shoot out take!

When I shower and dry my hair these 2 are always right by me

Last weekend Patrick was passing through town on his way to the Valley. We missed Courtney and Ethan!

Now that the inside renovations are done we have started on the landscaping.

Papa Jim was in town last weekend and spent lots of time with Hudson outside...his favorite place!

Hudson's first trip to HEB

The next 3 are a series of Hudson's gassy faces.



Hudson got a bath after a huge blowout and while I took this picture he went again!


I love how one hand is behind his head and the other is holding his paci

from his 2nd PKU heel prick

when Hudson was 6 days old Mommy and Daddy had a mini date while Lady babysat. It didn't last long until he was hungry.

Hudson's first road trip and first time "driving."

Looking super preppy

During the Summer Music Camp performance we hung out in the sound booth because it is sound proof and Hudson can do all the screaming he wants and no one is bothered. :) If you notice he is wearing his camp shirt and jeans like all the big kids.

I love this boy!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hudson :: One Month Old

Dear Hudson,

I absolutely cannot believe that you are one month old today! This past month has been the fastest and hardest but most amazing month of my life. I am overwhelmed by the love that we quickly have for you. We love watching you grow, learn and develop everyday.

You are eating every 2-3 hours during the day and about 3-4 hours at night. Although as I write this you have been asleep for 3 hours and don't seem to be waking up anytime soon.


You wore your last newborn diaper this morning. You are now in size 1's because we have SO many of them.

You are a champ when it comes to burps and toots. We become little 5 year old boys with laughs and giggles when we hear you toot because it is so loud. You are all boy already!

You are so are trying to hold you head up and your legs are constantly kicking and you can "stand" so well.

1 Month Old

You have the sweetest little squeaks that you make when you are nursing or sleeping. I need to record them so we can always remember them.

You do very well at night. I feed you around 11:00 and you sleep until about 2:00 or 3:00 and then until about 6:00. Some nights you have slept right through the 2:00 feeding and it makes me so happy!

1 Month Old

You HATE getting your diaper changed. You cry like we are torturing you and sometimes we have to make sure you take a break from your crying to breathe. You love baths now that your cord is gone and you love your swing...finally!

You love being outside and going on walks. You are a good fit for this South Texas heat and humidity. You don't like your carseat at first but once you are moving (either in the stroller or car) you are happy.

1 Month Old

You love sleeping on your tummy. I only let you do it if you are 100% supervised but I think you will be like your daddy and prefer that way of sleeping. You also love tummy time because you are on your tummy and you can lift your head up to look around.

Your Wubba Nub is still one of your favorites because you can hold onto "Mr. Quackers." Mommy loves to give you kisses on the lips and raspberries in your mouth.

We have been going on walks pretty much every day. The first couple of weeks at home we went on a few as a part of Mommy's c-section recovery.

1 Month Old

Hudson, we are so smitten with you. It's hard to remember what life was like before you. We know there was more sleep but we wouldn't trade that for anything. We love you!


::1 month stats::
weight: 9 pounds 9 ounces
height: 21.5 inches
eating: 95% breastfeeding and formula occasionally
clothes: newborn size and some 0-3 months
diaper size: newborn/1's

Friday, July 8, 2011

4 Weeks Old!

Hudson...You are 4 weeks old today!

I took these pictures today when you were not feeling very well. You've been pretty gassy this week and when you are in this position it "helps." :) I love the look on your face in these pictures because you are very relaxed and sort of half asleep.

4 Weeks

This week you celebrated your first holiday! It was also your daddy's birthday this week. :)

You have been so alert this week. We are loving that every day you become more alert. Mornings are a such a special time. We love watching your eyes as you look around the room and take things in.

4 Weeks

You have been quite the eater this week! You do great at night though. Monday night you slept from midnight - 6:15! Mommy was very proud. Your normal nights you only get up once between 11:00 and 6:00. Not bad!

You are growing like a weed but I'll save those stats for your 1 month post on Sunday.

We went to Bible study for the first time this week. You did perfect and slept the whole time while mommy's friends loved all over you.

4 Weeks

You took your first nap on your tummy this week. (now before there is any judgement, it was on the couch and I was sitting next to him the entire time...he was safe.) You are most comfortable in that position. Your daddy sleeps on his tummy also. You are more and more like him every day.

You LOVE being outside. We have gone on several walks this week and the second we are outside you are out like a light. Papa Jim is visiting right now and you were fussy earlier today and the minute he walked into the backyard with you you were calm. You love this humid South Texas weather!

I can't believe you have already been with us for 4 weeks...almost 1 month. It's hard to imagine life without you! We love you little man!


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy Birthday John!

Today is John's birthday. His first birthday as a daddy!


He is the most amazing husband and best daddy to our precious Hudson.

Happy Birthday Daddy...We love you!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Coming Home

Hudson was born on Friday, June 10 and we finally got to come home on Monday June 13. To say we were ready to be home as a family of 3 is an understatement!

We spent that morning waiting for my doctor to come by and officially say I could go home.


John read to Hudson and I loved watching my 2 boys together!


Around 11:00 (maybe...I really don't remember the exact time) I got in the shower and as I'm about to rinse off John comes in and says get out...Dr. Jaynes is here now and if you don't see him now it will another 3 hours.

I quickly rinse off and open the shower curtain and John is standing there with a bedsheet and wraps it around me! He was ready to go also and wanted me out there to see the doctor STAT!

Dr. Jaynes looked at my incision and said everything was healing well and he was happy with how I was moving around so I was released to go home!


We still had to wait for my discharge nurse to finish all of my paperwork.



Once all of the paperwork was finished we put Hudson in his carseat for the first time and headed down to the car.


I remember saying how hot it was outside! It's amazing how you quickly forget the hot and humid South Texas weather when you've been inside for 4 days.


The ride home was easy. Hudson slept the whole time and John has never been more careful behind the wheel.


And getting home was amazing. We loved bringing Hudson in and introducing him to Oliver.


We showed Hudson his room. At first he wasn't a fan of his crib but once he got his paci he was a happy camper.

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