Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Coming Home

Hudson was born on Friday, June 10 and we finally got to come home on Monday June 13. To say we were ready to be home as a family of 3 is an understatement!

We spent that morning waiting for my doctor to come by and officially say I could go home.


John read to Hudson and I loved watching my 2 boys together!


Around 11:00 (maybe...I really don't remember the exact time) I got in the shower and as I'm about to rinse off John comes in and says get out...Dr. Jaynes is here now and if you don't see him now it will another 3 hours.

I quickly rinse off and open the shower curtain and John is standing there with a bedsheet and wraps it around me! He was ready to go also and wanted me out there to see the doctor STAT!

Dr. Jaynes looked at my incision and said everything was healing well and he was happy with how I was moving around so I was released to go home!


We still had to wait for my discharge nurse to finish all of my paperwork.



Once all of the paperwork was finished we put Hudson in his carseat for the first time and headed down to the car.


I remember saying how hot it was outside! It's amazing how you quickly forget the hot and humid South Texas weather when you've been inside for 4 days.


The ride home was easy. Hudson slept the whole time and John has never been more careful behind the wheel.


And getting home was amazing. We loved bringing Hudson in and introducing him to Oliver.


We showed Hudson his room. At first he wasn't a fan of his crib but once he got his paci he was a happy camper.


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  1. Sweet baby. It is so weird being inside for days and then leaving with a baby!


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