Friday, July 1, 2011

3 Weeks Old!

Hudson...You are 3 weeks old today!


I can't believe you are just a little over a week away from being 1 month old.

This has been a big week for us. It was our first week just the 3 of us. Your 1st week Lady (my mom) was here and your 2nd week Susu (John's mom) was here. We did great on our own and it was good to start figuring out how things will work with just the 2 of us while Daddy is at work.


Monday you had your 2 week check up with Dr. Resendez. She was very happy with how you are doing. You weighed 7 pounds 12 ounces (up 11 ounces since we left the hospital) and 21 inches long (you grew 2 inches since you were born). She gave you and us an A+ which is just what these new parents needed!


This week we also started tummy time. It's not your favorite but you aren't crying during it which is good. You are able to hold your head up and look from side to side.

We also put you on your activity mat for the first time this week. You loved all of the bright colors and the black and white designs. Daddy and Oliver even joined in for a little bit!


We also put your mobile on your crib and just like your activity it has bright colors and black and white swirls that capture your attention. It's fun to watch you kick your legs when it is moving!

The highlight of the week though was yesterday (June 30) when your umbilical cord fell off. You were 20 days old and we were so excited that that nasty thing was gone. You had your first real bath that night and loved it. Well, you didn't scream like you did during your sponge baths so we assumed that meant you loved it. :)


This week you also got some little allergy bumps on your face. They showed up before we went to the doctor so she was able to see them and said they were normal. You have such sensitive skin and she said they will come and go.


Today you had your first trip to Walmart. We had a couple of boxes of Huggies diapers that we needed to exchange for Pampers. This week we learned the hard way that Pampers are a much better fit for you. You had 2 blowouts and leaked twice out of Huggies.

Today actually was a day of errands and you did great. We got to enjoy lunch downtown and you did perfect while we had a yummy meal. Then we went to a new shop downtown, Walmart and Target. You slept the whole time!

We are having so much fun with you Hudson!



  1. i was just telling kyle about how pampers were better than the other brands and he didn't understand. now he does ; )


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