Friday, October 31, 2008


Have you heard? November is NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month). I saw this on Sarah's blog and thought it would be fun to participate in so I've joined!! The goal is to post every day for the month of November. (That's 30 posts in 30 days.) It sould be easy. In November we've got Baylor Homecoming, Thanksgiving, John's graduate conducting recital, getting ready for Christmas, Baylor vs. A&M game, and of course..daily ramblings. I'm up for the challenge...wanna join me!?!?


Thursday, October 30, 2008



On Sunday our church held the annual Step Up. Our church came together to clean up Hamilton. There were various service projects that people did and it was such a wonderful thing to see the people of our church come together like this.
The assignments.

One of the large projects our church worked on was cleaning up a creek and park area. This area was so overgrown with trees, weeds, brush, etc. They worked so hard and got it cleaned up!

At the end of the day we all enjoyed a nice bowl of hot stew, breadsticks, and peach cobbler! The ladies of our church sure do know how to make a great pot of stew!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pumpkin Carving!

Saturday evening we had the Broaddus' over for dinner and pumpkin carving. John and I had never carved pumpkins together so it was a fun and new thing for us to do together.
We all spent a while brainstorming what our pumpkin would look like. From the beginning Patrick knew what he wanted. The interlocking BU. Sic 'em!

Cleaning out the pumpkin guts was a different feeling. We didn't have the fancy kits they have out there now, so we used our kitchen utensils. Patrick really liked the pumpkin guts!

John preparing to dig in and get dirty!

Let the carving begin!!

John brought out the power tools. Who needs knives when you've got power tools??

Happy pumpkin face..

Sad pumpkin face..

Lighting the tealights..

The finished product! "4 little pumpkins all in a row.."

Patrick's Interlocking BU pumpkin..

Courtney's classic jack-o-lantern

My "special" pumpkin. (I tried to do a winking pumpkin but that didn't work out too well and his mouth is way too low..)

And John's power tool pumpkin!

We finished off our evening by roasting the pumpkin seeds and watching Patrick and Courtney's movie debut in the documentary, Crawford. It's pretty good! You should see it..I recommend it.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Free CG

I love Monday mornings. Monday mornings mean free common grounds coffee. That's the best thing about a Monday morning at 8:00 am. Free CG. I also got a front row parking spot. That's really great also. (If you know Baylor you know what I mean.) Even now that I have a Faculty/Staff parking sticker parking still isn't great. I heard that Baylor is going to start making staff pay for parking. Ugh.
Oh well, we had a great weekend..pumpkin carving with the Broaddus', I made my first pot roast, and on Sunday our church had a service project and we went into the community to serve. It was a great weekend. I promise to have pictures up later. Happy Monday.
xo, lindsay

Friday, October 24, 2008

Baylor Swings..

I just had a guy call my office who works at Robbins Brothers (engagement ring store) in Dallas. He is selling a guy an engagement ring and wanted to know where the engagement swing was at Baylor! I told him the swing in front of Draper but to make sure I asked around the office. I didn't want to screw up this guy's engagement! Engagements are pretty important..especially to Baylor girls! And I didn't know this swing was starting to be know as the Engagement Swing!

Big Tex!

This past weekend John and I went to Dallas to spend some quality time with my parents. We had a wonderful weekend...complete with a trip to the State Fair on Saturday. We had so much fun spending time with my parents even though the State Fair didn't live up to our expectations..well, the corn dogs did!

I still don't know how this guy did this!

I'm sure my whole family will hate me for posting these pictures, but we did love the corny dogs!

And to show that I'm not just trying to embarrass my family, here is the world's worst picture of me ever.

Dad wanted a turkey leg. If my sis had been there she would have had one of these all to herself. Dad shared.

The man of the hour!!

Duh..everything is better in Texas!

Bees making honey.

Ok, so this is a massaging thing that my dad and John loved. Right now they are getting their hamstrings massaged...

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