Thursday, October 2, 2008

She Said Yes!

Some of you might already know our engagement story, but since today is the day when 4 years ago it all started, I thought I share the details of how my man asked me to be his wife. It was the 2nd best day of my life (the wedding is the best day) and I love every detail that went into that day. John is the most thoughtful, caring and loving person I know and I don’t know any other person who pays more attention to detail. I mean..the boy thought of EVERYTHING! So, 4 years ago today John and I became a betrothed couple! (The only reason I use that word is b/c I have “FRIENDS” on the mind.)
So, HOW IT HAPPENED. The day began when John made me breakfast in bed. In order to make breakfast in bed he had to first get into my apartment. He knocked on my roommate’s window (thankfully we lived on the first floor) and she was able to let him in. He made a fabulous breakfast of egg white omelets, fruit, fresh orange juice…the works! My breakfast in bed tray was complete with a cute little flower arrangement. After breakfast John stayed to clean up the kitchen while I went to go work out. Around noon, he picked me up for a quick lunch at Panda Express. (His original plan included a picnic at Cameron Park, but it had stormed like crazy the night before and was still on the verge of raining again.) He let me pick the place and I chose Panda. It was one of our favorites and looking back if I had known I may have picked a better place for our engagement day lunch, but it was perfect and I didn’t know! On our way back from lunch, John asked if he could take me to get a manicure and pedicure. Like any girl, I knew it would be stupid to say no to a relaxing mani/pedi. So while I sat and had my fingers and toes pampered John sat right beside me. Thinking that I had been pampered enough for the day, he, of course, had other plans. At 3:00 he took me to La Bella Visage Day Spa and surprised me with an appointment for a massage. I was completely shocked. After my one-hour Swedish massage, John picked me up, took me home and said he would be back to pick me up for dinner at 6:45. My man arrived at 6:45 on the dot and then blindfolds me with a piece of black satin. (No bandannas for my man…he’s fancy!) He carefully walked me to the fancy car he had rented (although he thought he was fooling me by telling me it was his roommate's Volvo…it smelled too new and felt too leathery to be an older model Volvo with cloth seats but who was I to question?) He explained we were going to dinner in either Dallas or Austin. Side note…I was beginning to get a little nervous because being blindfolded for 2 hours in the car could result in motion sickness. Not good. As John started the car, a CD of our songs began to play. The first one was my favorite song, Beautiful Day by U2. After about ten minutes in the car (and about 6 loops around the circle in Waco to throw me off) it felt as if we were starting to go off-roading. He played it off by saying we were taking the back roads to dinner. (Great…the back roads to Dallas or Austin, not good for the motion sickness!) He stopped the car and my first thought was oh, maybe we are flying there. He came around and helped me out of the car and led me through some mud (yes, my heals were sinking) to a chair. I sat down and as he took the blindfold off I saw him on his knees in front of me. The ground was covered in different shades of pink rose petals. We were at the exact spot at Lake Waco where we first said "I love you." And when I said he thought of every detail, he thought of every detail. He knew that when we got engaged that I would want to be alone but at the same time to have pictures to remember it. He had his roommates stationed very far away snapping pictures the whole time. There was also a video camera that has the whole thing on tape. Perfect.John washed my feet and told me that he wanted to serve me for the rest of our lives. Then he asked if I would marry him; of course my answer was YES!

I said yes and started hugging him before he even got to show me the ring or put it on my finger.
Then he gave me a bible with "Lindsay Rose Woods" engraved on it. We danced to the songs on the CD he had made. It was so romantic! After many tears and laughs we had a romantic dinner at The Northwood Inn in Waco which, sadly, is no longer open. Once I got home after our amazing evening I was surprised by a HUGE arrangement of flowers.


  1. Sweet!!

    But, WHAT??!?!?!?! The Northwood Inn is closed?!?!?!? We LOVED that place!

  2. There really is happily ever after. =) Thanks for sharing the story again - - and the pictures. (the one of you blindfolded is my favorite. you're holding on for DEAR LIFE!!)


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