Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Random Thoughts

Grey's Anatomy last week was fabulous! John and I ended up watching the first half Friday night after the debate and the second half Saturday. I loved it. I'm so glad to have them back in my life! My favorite quote of the night was at the end when Meredith said, "Reality, it's so much more interesting than living happily ever after."

Can you believe today is October 1st!?!?! I love it!

Tomorrow marks the day, 4 years ago, when John asked me to marry him. Love that. Expect a proposal post tomorrow about how he asked's a great story.

The past two nights I've been a judge for After Dark auditions. For those who do not know, After Dark is a variety/talent show that our department (Student Activities) does each year on Parent's Weekend. Auditions were Monday and Tuesday night from 6-midnight. It was so much fun yet I'm so tired now! The show is going to be really good. Baylor students have a lot of talent and I love that I got to see them audition/perform and maybe one day they will be famous. How cool!

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