Thursday, October 16, 2008

Lipstick Jungle

Are there any other Lipstick Jungle fans out there? I love this show!!! It's by the same author as Sex and the City only it's less racy. (It's on NBC Primetime so it has to be.) I started watching last season and really hoped the show would make it and it survived it's first season and the writer's strike. I love the clothes, shoes,'s all fabulous! Plus, it's got the guy from Pretty in Pink! This show is such a guilty pleasure of mine!

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  1. i am so excited that you made this post you don't even know. it all started when itunes had the pilot as a free download... so ... i watched it & i loved it. then the next two days i went online & watched the entire first season & the first bit of the second season. i'm upset that there wasn't a new episode this week because of the debate. is it wrong that i love kirby & nico?!

    p.s. i love you.



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