Thursday, May 26, 2011

McKinney High School Class of 2001

This past weekend was my 10 year high school reunion. It is so hard to believe it has already been 10 years!

Unfortunately, we were not able to go because we live about 7 hours from where I grew up and my doctor quit allowing me to travel a month ago.

This video was shown at the reunion and I had so much fun watching it. It is probably meaningless to most of you because it is pictures of me and my friends in high school but this blog is my memory book first.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday Love!

via Jamie!


I am loving Hudson's room! It is 99% finished and when it is I will do a full nursery tour, but the final touch I am waiting on is important. But in the is a sneak peak! 





This is a picture of a Hudson car. They used to make these in the early 1900s and John got a little creative with this picture in Photoshop. He "cartoonized" it so it looks a little more kid-ish and the license plate says, "WOODS."

And Oliver is patiently waiting on his little brother! (Ignore the blue painter's tape on the floor.)

I am loving that I have pictures taken of our house as of yesterday and am working on a before & after post complete with pictures! I know so many people have been waiting on this for over a year now. (We celebrated 1 year of buying our house this past weekend!) It has taken that long to get things pretty much done. Then being on bed rest has made it difficult to have it clean enough for pictures and looking like I want. But they are coming!

I am loving that we couldn't be more ready for Hudson to make his debut! I will be 37 weeks on Friday and considered full term. I would be more than happy for him to come at any point after that. And we are physically ready for him as well. The carseat is in the car. Our bags are packed (and have been for 3 weeks) and by the back door. All of his newborn and 0-3 month clothes are clean and smelling so sweet (love Dreft!). We had our last childbirth class last night which was a make up class since we missed it last month because of my hospital stay. 
I have sanitized some of his paci's in boiling water. 
And they are just waiting to be sucked on by our sweet boy! 

I am loving Beverly Hills 90210 on Netflix! I used to watch this show years ago and just recently started watching again while on bedrest. It's cheesy and I love it.

I am loving this post by Kodi. Even though I'm not a mom yet, I have friends who are and know all about the working vs. staying at home "argument."

And last...I'm loving Pinterest! It's so addicting and fun and a great way to keep track of all the things I find online that I love. 

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Who I Am

I saw this on Emily's blog a couple weeks ago and thought I'd share mine today...

I am...Lindsay. I am almost 37 weeks pregnant. A wife and almost 28 years old.

I be comfortable. Last night John actually asked me if I am ever comfortable. Not really...I am not comfortable sitting, standing or laying down.

I incredibly supportive husband. Being on bed rest has been difficult and he has been so amazing.

I wish...this baby would come in the next 2 weeks. We're ready!

I so far from my family. With this little guy's arrival just around the corner it is making it more and more difficult to be 7 hours from my family!

I fear...parenting. I know it will be difficult but I don't want to screw our kid up.

I hear...the air conditioner running. I haven't turned on the TV this afternoon and have been reading (and now blogging).

I search...for summer clothes to wear after Hudson gets here. It's hard to know what I will be wearing but I want to look cute and still be cool...summers in South Texas are brutal!

I wonder...what it will be like to have a baby. I can imagine, but really...we have no idea. I can't wait!

I regret...cutting bangs a couple months ago. Dumb move. I had bangs a few years ago and hated them. I wasn't sure what I was thinking this time.

I husband and my life. I am so blessed.

I ache...all.the.time. Seriously, something is always sore when you are 9 months pregnant!

I egg whites for breakfast and have a bowl of Honey Nut Ceerios for a night time snack. I've become pretty predictable during pregnancy.

I usually...wake up about 4-6 times a night to go to the bathroom. It's not too bad as long as I am able to go back to sleep pretty fast.

I am not...going back to work after Hudson comes! It has always been a dream of mine to be a stay at home mom and I'm going to be able to do it.

I dance...not as often as I would like. Not saying I'm a "dancer" but I wish I had more opportunities to dance with my husband.

I the choir and in my car.

I never...wash my hair every day. It dries out. I'm an every other day hair washing girl. I wish I could go longer.

I sometimes...wear makeup. This is new for me. Before bed rest I wore makeup at least 6 days a week. Now, only if I have somewhere to be. It's nice!

I cry...pretty much every day over something. It can be as small as something I see on TV. Hormones.

I am not always...on time. I try to be but especially Sunday mornings I am 90% of the time running late. Recently it is because Oliver knows that I am about to leave and he hides under the table from me so I can't put him in his kennel. He knows I'm slow these days and it's very difficult to catch him.

I lose...sorely. I am competitive and when it comes to games I don't like to lose.

I am confused...about baby scheduling. I have several friends who do Baby Wise and several who don't. And several who use bits and pieces from Baby Wise and other places. I can also see both sides of the argument. I guess we will just have to wait and do what is best for Hudson. I'm guessing that is what all these parents are doing also. Trial and error seems to be a theme in parenting.

I need...a pedicure. I painted my own toenails yesterday...remember I'm almost 37 weeks pregnant!?! They look better than they did but still not great. Just don't get too close. :)

I should...finish reading the baby books before Hudson gets here! I also have other books I would like to read but I am thinking the baby books are more important. :)

Who Are You?

Leave me a comment and let me know if you decide to do this!

Monday, May 16, 2011

In the last year we've...

This weekend is the 1 year anniversary of being homeowners! And I'm well aware of the fact that I have not yet shared any pictures of our house yet. But before I share the before and after pictures of the house I wanted to make a list of everything we have done to the house. Most of the things we have done have been just to update the house. The house was completely liveable when we moved in, just needed a lot of updates.

I also need to say that we did all of the work ourselves. John's dad and a friend of his came to help install the floors and our good friend and youth pastor at our church also is an electrician so he helped with some of the electrical things.

I was able to do pretty much all of the things on this list because we did most of it before I got pregnant. So if you are calculating, we've had most of this done since September/October. It's been small and minor things that we've done since.

So here's what we've done:

1. ripped down 2 sets of shutter doors and 2 regular doors
2. removed a half wall
3. painted a double sided fireplace
4. removed the built in gold fireplace screen on the double sided fireplace
5. painted every room of our house (except the bathrooms)
6. painted all the trim around doors and windows
7. repainted many doors
8. removed a storm door from the front door
9. removed the regular front door
10. bought an old door from Habitat Re-Store and refinished it with black paint and new hardware and installed it
11. changed out 8 light fixtures/ceiling fans
12. removed 1 ceiling fan (replaced with nothing)
13. painted built in shelves in the dining room
14. removed ugly curtains/window treatments left by previous owners
15. installed 6 sets of white wood blinds
16. installed an electrical outlet in our laundry room in order to have the freezer in a better spot
17. installed a light switch in the kitchen since it was on the halfwall that was removed
18. installed an under the sink water filter in the kitchen
19. removed 2 "Greek" looking columns between the formal living room and dining room
20. installed electricity in a hall closet to house all of the media components (cable/DVR, DVD player, etc.)
21. mounted a flat screen TV above the fireplace in the family room (which required running a cable/electricity down through the attic)
22. built and installed 2 fireplace mantles
23. repainted all of our closet doors
24. ripped out flooring in the entire house including carpet, laminate wood, laminate tile, vinyl wood and 2 inch thick Mexican tile that was actually laid into the foundation
25. poured concrete into the area that had the Mexican tile to bring it up to the level of the rest of the foundation
25. removed more carpet tacks/striping than we want to remember
26. removed all of the original baseboards in the house
27. installed (glued down) hand scrapped hardwood floors ourselves in our entire house (excluding the bathrooms and laundry room)
28. installed new, tall baseboards in the entire house
29. installed black shutters on the front of the house
30. removed the nasty screens on the front of the house
31. removed 9 gross boxwood plants across the front of the house
32. removed the ground covering around and growing up our beautiful 50+ year old tree in the front yard
33. removed the ground covering around the lamp post inthe front yard
34. installed a programmable thermostat
35. replaced all of the 2 prong outlets in the house with 3 prong outlets and several HDMI outlets for safety
36. replaced all of the light switches and plate covers (were almond, brown and gold all white)
37. removed huge bell in the backyard
38. removed 2 tree stumps in the backyard
39. removed "tree shrine" in the backyard
40. removed plastic white fencing in corner of backyard
41. removed odd paver and gravel area off of the back patio
42. installed outdoor party lights under the patio
43. installed outlet close to the outdoor light by the back patio
44. removed dying plants in the backyard
45. removed carpet from half of the master bathroom and extended the tile that was already there
46. rebuilt both closets in the master bedroom and Hudson's room

And on our To Do List:

1. redo landscaping in the front yard
2. landscaping in the backyard
3. possibly regrading backyard
4. new floors for guest bathroom
5. paint bathrooms

Whew...we've been busy! Stay tuned for pictures starting this week!

Friday, May 13, 2011

35 and 35

Wow...I'm 35 weeks today and I have 35 days to go until my due date! Craziness!!

Like I said on Wednesday though, my doctor said best case scenario, I would go into spontaneous labor at 37 weeks...2 weeks from today! I've thought this whole pregnancy that I would deliver early, but I'm not thinking in 2 weeks. We'll see though. This past weekend John said that he thinks Hudson will come in May. I'm thinking early June.

Today John and I are switching cars! I drive a 2 door Honda Accord and he has a 4Runner. So we are making the official switch today and he is going to install the car seat.

And I'm pretty sure our hospital bags will be in there as well. We are ready to go!

And a little story about how John is now officially ready to become a Daddy...

This morning we were rudely woken up by Oliver around 6:00. I tried to ignore the barking (it was easy for John to ignore the barking!) but it kept going and it didn't sound like his normal bark. He is kennel trained so at nights and when we are gone he is in his kennel. He usually doesn't bark in the mornings or at night when we put him away so I had a feeling something was wrong by the sound of his bark.

I went in to check on him and let's just say he had some tummy problems sometime that night and was tired of laying in it. Gross. So I took him outside, threw away the towel that was in there and went and woke John up. He took the kennel outside and hosed it off and lathered it with soap and cleaned it up. Then Oliver got a bath.

Poor guy has been so lethargic all day today and hasn't eaten any of his food. The vet told us to just give him 2 teaspoons of Pepto every 8 hours to help settle his tummy.

It was a nice little step towards getting us ready to be a Mommy and Daddy!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday Love!

Hosted by Jamie


I am loving that my husband has been amazing while I'm on bed rest! It's just a partial bed rest so I can still do some things as long as I keep the swelling under control. Last night he cooked an amazing dinner...grilled steaks, grilled asparagus and garlic mashed potatoes. 

I'm loving my good report from the doctor today! He is very happy with everything today which makes me happy. My blood pressure is still great, weight gain is good, and swelling is under control. He said that he thinks Hudson will be a big baby not because of the GD (because that is completely under control) but because of genetics. He said the best thing that could happen is I would go into spontaneous labor at 37 weeks...that's 2 WEEKS FROM NOW! He then said that he would not induce until 41 weeks because there isn't any reason to. He is not concerned about the big baby at all. Have I mentioned I love my doctor? He's the best!

I am loving The Voice and Pregnant in Heels! Tuesday nights are a great TV night!

I am loving these flowers that my dad sent me on Saturday. They are cheery and beautiful and brighten up my kitchen!

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Couple's Baby Shower

This past weekend our Sunday School class hosted a joint couple's baby shower for us and our friends Amanda and Frankie. The theme of the shower was "Target due date" and everyone was asked to bring a Target gift card.

We each had our own cake.

Couple's Baby Shower
Hudson's target due date is June 17.

Couple's Baby Shower
And Landry's target due date is July 6.

Couple's Baby Shower

Couple's Baby Shower
Me and my big belly towering over Amanda!

Couple's Baby Shower
Since there were a few people who brought actual gifts we let the guys open them since they usually don't get to be at the showers.

Couple's Baby Shower
Personalized picture frames for Hudson and Landry.

Couple's Baby Shower
John was given rubber gloves! For those of you who know John know that he has actually been wanting these.

Then it was time for the game. Amanda and I were both blindfolded and we had to race to feed Frankie and John a jar of baby food. After the first bite John got up because he thought he was about to throw up!

Couple's Baby Shower

Couple's Baby Shower

Couple's Baby Shower

Couple's Baby Shower
We won! I was laughing so hard I was crying underneath my bandana.

The rest of the night we played another fun game and just talked with our friends. We are so blessed!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

More Bed Rest

Yesterday I went back to see Dr. J as a follow up after going back to work for a few days. My swelling was definitely back but not near as bad as when he sent me to the hospital last week.

My blood pressure was still good (122/70) but again, my body just responds to pregnancy by swelling a lot.

So he told me yesterday that I am done working though. For the remainder of my pregnancy. I am on a modified/partial bed rest until Hudson makes his appearance. Which I am totally fine with.

It means as long as I monitor the swelling and keep it under control I'm good. I can still do some things around the house but not a ton.

So there will be lot resting and relaxing for me in the next 6ish weeks. Darn. :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

This is my first WILW post! Link up here.

I am LOVING that I am no longer on bed rest! Monday we went to see Dr. J and he was very happy to see that my swelling was pretty much gone (still some swelling but not NEAR what it was) and I had lost 6 pounds from my appointment last week when he sent me to the hospital. Don't worry though...this prego didn't starve herself. That's just how much water weight I had gained and was retaining. He asked me what I would say if he told me I couldn't go back to work. I told him that I would need a few days to wrap some things up. Because I am a drug and alcohol counselor I have several student files open that I can't just up and leave. We go back to see Dr. J on Friday morning and I'm guessing that after that appointment he will tell me Friday will be my last day of work. Hopefully if that is the case then I will just be on modified bed rest until Hudson is born. We'll see what happens Friday though. 

I am LOVING that we have our stroller and car seat now! John put them together Saturday night (they were a gift from my mom) and seeing them in the living room is so much fun...and making Hudson's arrival seem so much more real!


I'm LOVING these flowers given to me by some of the girls I work with. They came by on Thursday (my first full day of bed rest at home) with these and the funniest card.

I am LOVING our stocked fridge! While my mom was in town last weekend she went grocery shopping for us and did a ton of cooking! It is so nice to have especially since I was on strict bed rest through Monday. There is fresh watermelon in there that is SO good!

I'm LOVING the changes we are making in the backyard! Saturday while I was at my baby shower, John started pulling out the "spray painting zone." 

We called this the "spray painting zone" because it is where we would, well, spray paint things. The previous owners had this area here and had plants on it. Not sure what the point was, but it was ugly.

See, this is what it looked like at one point before we moved in. Ugly and it was sort of a hazard with lots of easy ways to trip!
Backyard - weird thing we are removing

We've also done some work in the front yard that I'll share soon. Nothing is complete yet, but we are slowly doing it ourselves.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Baby Shower on Bed Rest

My one doctor approved activity while on bed rest was my church baby shower on Saturday. My mom and John's mom were both in town for it and it was an amazing day. John and I are SO blessed by our church and the shower was beautiful.

So many amazing details. The cake matches the napkins and blocks perfectly...

Church Baby Shower

Church Baby Shower

Church Baby Shower

Church Baby Shower

The precious set up they had for me and my mom and John's mom. My sweet friend Libby who is the youth pastor's wife did all of the decorations...she even painted that box to match the blocks. So amazing!
Church Baby Shower

Church Baby Shower

Church Baby Shower

Church Baby Shower

Church Baby Shower

Me with the hostesses. Even sitting normal like this for 2 hours caused me to swell back up.
Church Baby Shower

And John after the shower with a load of gifts to take to the car.
Church Baby Shower

I know I've said this before but we are so blessed and thankful for our church. Hudson is already one loved little baby!
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