Saturday, May 7, 2011

More Bed Rest

Yesterday I went back to see Dr. J as a follow up after going back to work for a few days. My swelling was definitely back but not near as bad as when he sent me to the hospital last week.

My blood pressure was still good (122/70) but again, my body just responds to pregnancy by swelling a lot.

So he told me yesterday that I am done working though. For the remainder of my pregnancy. I am on a modified/partial bed rest until Hudson makes his appearance. Which I am totally fine with.

It means as long as I monitor the swelling and keep it under control I'm good. I can still do some things around the house but not a ton.

So there will be lot resting and relaxing for me in the next 6ish weeks. Darn. :)


  1. I'm sorry to hear you are still swelling.. But at least you don't have to stay completely in the bed.. I hope the time flies for you.

  2. Is it bad for me to say I'm kind of jealous. Partial bedeest doesn't sound so bad. I am so over this school year.

  3. I'm happy that the baby is healthy and hopefully this time will be refreshing and go by quickly!

  4. I had swelling issues during my pregnancy. I got the "You gotta slow down" speech from my doc but luckily it wasn't too long. 2 days after I quit work Matthew came. Praying for you guys. Please keep us posted.


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