Friday, May 13, 2011

35 and 35

Wow...I'm 35 weeks today and I have 35 days to go until my due date! Craziness!!

Like I said on Wednesday though, my doctor said best case scenario, I would go into spontaneous labor at 37 weeks...2 weeks from today! I've thought this whole pregnancy that I would deliver early, but I'm not thinking in 2 weeks. We'll see though. This past weekend John said that he thinks Hudson will come in May. I'm thinking early June.

Today John and I are switching cars! I drive a 2 door Honda Accord and he has a 4Runner. So we are making the official switch today and he is going to install the car seat.

And I'm pretty sure our hospital bags will be in there as well. We are ready to go!

And a little story about how John is now officially ready to become a Daddy...

This morning we were rudely woken up by Oliver around 6:00. I tried to ignore the barking (it was easy for John to ignore the barking!) but it kept going and it didn't sound like his normal bark. He is kennel trained so at nights and when we are gone he is in his kennel. He usually doesn't bark in the mornings or at night when we put him away so I had a feeling something was wrong by the sound of his bark.

I went in to check on him and let's just say he had some tummy problems sometime that night and was tired of laying in it. Gross. So I took him outside, threw away the towel that was in there and went and woke John up. He took the kennel outside and hosed it off and lathered it with soap and cleaned it up. Then Oliver got a bath.

Poor guy has been so lethargic all day today and hasn't eaten any of his food. The vet told us to just give him 2 teaspoons of Pepto every 8 hours to help settle his tummy.

It was a nice little step towards getting us ready to be a Mommy and Daddy!

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