Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Last week Hudson and I went to his first playgroup. It was at a local gym and he had so much fun. He was so busy the whole time and loved all the options for climbing!

Trying to get a good clear picture proved to be very difficult because he never stopped!

Yesterday we were supposed to go to the zoo but with John having the flu and Hudson with his runny nose and congestion...we didn't want to share any germs. 

Monday, February 27, 2012


Our weekend was uneventful...both of my boys are sick. :( So there isn't much to recap about what we did...I took care of John and Hudson and that's it. And even though Hudson isn't feeling well, he is still everywhere! I made a trip to Walgreens for anything that would help John feel better.

Saturday night my sweet boys cheered each other up. They both loved it.

But the real purpose of this post is all the crazy things Hudson is doing right now. A couple videos and lots of pictures! Enjoy... :)

Hudson started crawling a little over a month ago...he's crazy fast now! When he knows I'm after him (like when he's headed to the laundry room to get Oliver's food and water bowl) he books it! It's so cute.

It seems like as soon as he was able to crawl he started pulling up on things. Now he will pull up on anything and everything!

He loves the kitchen cabinets. Most of them are okay for him to open and pull things out of...this one I watch close.

Last week we went up to the church to take a few pictures in the worship center and Hudson was having a blast on the platform. A wide open space for him to take off...and go down steps!

He was loving all the room he had.

He almost made it onto the dishwasher. Yikes!

He was being so sweet one morning cuddling with me on the sofa...then all of the sudden he was done and wanted off. No fear.

This was when he first started pulling up on his bookcase (don't worry...it's screwed to the wall). Today, he climbed it like a ladder!

This cabinet under the oven is his favorite. I have my metal baking pans in here and he loves pulling them out and hearing the loud noises they make! (notice the plastic container I tried to give him to distract him from the cabinets...didn't work.)

And Oliver's food and water bowls...these are like gold to Hudson. He gets so proud when he makes it to the laundry room.

And what baby doesn't love door stops? We only have 1 in our house (after we put in new baseboards we only put one at the front door) and he knows exactly where it is!

This was taken about a month ago...when he first discovered the fireplace. I take him away from this about 248 times a day. 

My life is much busier now but I absolutely love it and would not change a thing. 

Well...maybe more padding on my house.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Big Boy Car Seat

My sweet boy isn't feeling well. We are staying home from church this morning hoping he doesn't spread any germs or get any worse. 

Last month while Hudson and I were in McKinney we ordered his big boy car seat with Papa Jim. (Thanks PJ!)

It came in last week and I just had to put him in it to see how he looked. He looked so small and wasn't sure what to think!

I'm thinking we might wait until he officially outgrows his infant carrier before we move him. I thought I wanted to do it sooner, but I still like the option of carrying him in it. (which we RARELY do because he is so stinking heavy!)

Our Peg Perego infant seat goes up to 30 pounds or 30 inches. He's about 28 1/2 inches so we still have a little bit of time before we make the switch. 

Saturday, February 25, 2012


 Last month we purchased a $25 swing from Walmart and it has been a GREAT investment! :) Hudson loves it! Since he was a newborn he has loved being outside.

Thankfully we've had a very mild winter (let's be honest...living in south Texas it really isn't ever that cold) so it has allowed for lots of swinging!

 He laughs so hard when we act like he has hit us while swinging. We fake fall over and he thinks it's the funniest thing ever!

The days when he hasn't napped lately have allowed for lots of swinging time also. 

My sweet boy with a runny nose and dirt on his mouth. 

And these were taken a few weeks ago when he had his first injury. (the red spot under his nose)

Love love love him!

Friday, February 24, 2012

January Photo a Day

I meant to post these a LONG time ago, but at the beginning of January I found a photo challenge on Pinterest hosted by Fat Mum Slim. I used my iPhone and Instagram for all of my pictures for January. It was a fun way to document something every day. I'm currently doing February's Photo a Day challenge and will post those next week.

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