Thursday, May 28, 2009

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These are my thoughts today, in bullet list form. I'm not feeling very creative. (see blog title above)

  • A friend at work told me about a show called Whatever, Martha! and I'm pretty sure it is our favorite show now. John and I watched 2 episodes last night and we are hooked. I am a Martha fan. Love her and love the stuff she does. But watching her daughter and her friend make fun of Martha is just classic! I promise you will love it too. It's on the Fine Living Network. Check it out!
  • I am craving long hair right now. Have been for a few months now. When I was talking to my hair dresser about it she told me to try a specific "hair, skin and nails" vitamin and I've been taking them for about a month now and they are fabulous. I've been able to tell a big difference in my hair, skin and nails! (they are Futurebiotics Hair, Skin & Nails in case you are curious)
  • I'm itching for a vacation. Specifically, I want to get away to a quiet beach somewhere with a good book or escape to the mountains and do some rafting or hiking.
  • A few weeks ago I made a trip to the eye doctor for a long overdo appointment. I have been having trouble seeing when I drive for a while now (safe, right?) and it slowly got worse. At my appointment the doctor told me that I should be wearing something all the time and not just driving. So he gave me glasses AND CONTACTS! What? I tried them for a couple weeks and absolutely hated them. I went back to him a couple times after my first visit and he finally told me that if they didn't help on normal day to day stuff I don't need them..just my glasses will be fine for movies and driving.
  • My birthday is coming up. In about a week and a half actually. I recently read that the brain stops developing at 25. So does that mean that my brain stopped developing last year? The article said that the brain continues to develop until age 25, by this point most of your billion neurons know what path to take for functioning. I'll be 26 on June 10 and it is crazy to me that I will be closer to 30 than 20!
  • And here is where you come in. I need some help, friends! My workout playlist on my iPod is not working for me anymore. It's unmotivating and not keeping me going. So PLEASE, leave a comment with 1 or 2 or 3 or 12 great songs that I can add to my workout playlist.


  1. i'm totally going to try that vitamin! i want my hair to be long again...

    when's your birthday? ryan's is june 9th which is about a week & a half away...

    as for work out songs, i have a bunch of lily allen, maroon five, black eyed peas, soundracks from greys anatomy, fallout boy, fergie & christina aguilera.

  2. A beach sounds nice. =)

    As for workout songs: I like stuff by Skillet and Kutless to get me motivated.

  3. "Fighter" Christina Aguilera
    "Home" Marc Broussard
    "Take Me Out" Franz Ferdinand
    "Crazy In Love" Beyonce
    "Stronger" Kayne West
    Fergalicious, Definition Make them boys go loco. :)

  4. OK, it may not be the most "PC" music, but "Stronger" by Kanye West and "8 Mile" and "Mockingbird" by Eminem both really get me moving. Also, "Boom, Boom, Pow" by Black Eyed Peas is great. And, cheesy though it may be, I really love "Rockstar" by Nickelback!!

  5. My workout playlist is super random - but some of the songs that keep me going are:

    "Going the Distance" - Cake
    "Pump up the Jam" - Technotronic
    "Escape" - Enrique Iglesias
    "We Will Rock You" - Queen
    "Rock DJ" - Robbie Williams (you know I had to get him in there somewhere!)

    I also throw in a bit of Britney, Ricky Martin, Lady Gaga & Spice Girls when I need something different. =)

    and I would just like to remind you that NC has BOTH mountains and beaches ...

  6. boom boom pow-black eyed peas
    pokerface -lady gaga
    lose yourself- eminem
    intergalatic- beastie boys
    get ur freak on- missy elliot
    #1 spot- ludacris

    those are some of my faves. you might want to buy the edited versions :)

  7. I am in serious need of some help in the nail/hair growth area! I will definitely be looking into that vitamin. Thanks!!


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