Friday, May 1, 2009

a weekend of celebrating!

What an emotional weekend! I want to give a recap mostly so I remember this season of our life. Please, do not feel the need to read it all.

I'll start with Thursday. Thursday was John's last day of studying before his comprehensive oral exams. He spent most of the day in the library taking a few breaks to come out to Diadeloso. {Side note: working at Baylor is great especially on days like Diadeloso!} On his way home Thursday night his car basically shut down and to make a long story short, the power steering went out and he had to coast the rest of the way home {it shut down as he took our exit} and made it half way up our street and had to walk home around 11:30pm. He got home, told me about the car problems like he was telling me what he had for didn't bother him at all! He was so focused on his exams the next morning. I was so proud that he didn't let that stress him out. I would have!

As you know, Friday morning he had his exams and PASSED! YES! He finished and came straight to my office to tell me in person. He was so relieved to have those over and to have done so well. I am beyond proud of all of his hard work. We went out Friday night with our good friends Patrick and Courtney to see Earth and then to eat Mexican food. It was such a fun night of celebrating with sweet friends!

So Sunday. Sunday was my favorite day of the weekend. John was ordained on Sunday in such a special service at our church. Most of our family and a few close friends made the trek to Hamilton to show their love and support to John. John's ordination service was so perfect and special and it is a day that we will both remember forever. The Lord has truly blessed us and I am so thankful for the ministry my husband is doing.
And let's just be honest. I can't believe he is now REVEREND JOHN S. WOODS!!!!!

Here are pictures from Sunday. I was able to take a few before the service, but unfortunately, after the service I got distracted and only got a couple.

John's Ordination 012

John's Ordination 016

John's Ordination 015

So weird to see, "Rev. John S. Woods"

John's Ordination 018

John's mom, Susan and sister, Sara

John's Ordination 019

Our good friends, Patrick and Courtney {ugh..sorry it's out of focus}

Oh, and can I just say..he is done with school forever and only has 13 days until graduation!


  1. YES!! finally, the update i've been waiting on!
    love you & see y'all in a couple weeks!

  2. Congrats to you both! John didn't get there without your love and support. How exciting to be closing this chapter of your lives and embarking on a new adventure!


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