Thursday, May 14, 2009

it's kind of a big week...

Wow..I'm a bad blogger. But it has been a busy week and it is kind of a big week.

John is graduating TOMORROW. I mean, no big deal, right?

Last night we were talking about this very exciting time and I asked if I have to call him "Master John" now since he will have a Master's degree. He corrected me that I will have to call him "Master John Master John" since he will actually have two Master's degrees.

Yes, tomorrow John will be graduating with a Master of Music and a Master of Divinity. He's one smart guy. I guess 4 years of graduate school will do that to you.

Oh BTW.. "Master John Master John" is said like the little boy in the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom who says, "Dr. Jones Dr. Jones."


  1. Oh, I said it like the kid from Australia that says, "Mrs. boss, Mrs. Boss!"

  2. Congrats to BOTH of you!!!! What an exciting weekend you guys are fixing to have!


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