Monday, September 30, 2013

A Fun, Fall Weekend Update!

We had a pretty great weekend! The weather was PERFECT. I love that it's feeling like fall. It makes it so much fun to be outside doing fun things. 

Friday we went to lunch at Urban Cookhouse and ate outside on the patio. Emma didn't eat anything with her fork but is definitely trying. 

Hudson marathon napped on Friday afternoon so we got some alone time with this sweet girl after her nap. After a huge lunch she ate a huge snack after her nap. 

Friday night we went out to dinner with some old friends and new ones! 

Saturday John and Hudson went and ran some errands together. John needed some new shoes and had other things he needed to do so he took Hudson with him. They went to lunch and it looked like they had such a fun time together. I love these boys so much!

While they were gone, Emma and I had lots of fun playing at home. She even took her first 2 steps! I haven't been able to get her to do it again but we're working on it.

This weekend was SO rare and we actually got to go out again on Saturday night. We don't get a whole lot of date nights and this weekend we had 2! The Alabama Symphony Orchestra was having a free concert in Homewood Park so we picked up some gyros and hummus and had a picnic while listening to the symphony under the stars. It was so fun. Plus, we were home before 8:45. It was a perfect date night!

Sunday after church, John left with the youth choir to go to Montgomery for a festival for the day so the kids and I were on our own. After lunch we all took naps, then made a trip to Target because Hudson was wearing the only size diaper in the house (and cars...I checked). Ha! Emma was somewhat terrified by the elevator even though she has been to this Target at least once a week since we moved here. 

After our trip to Target, we walked to the park to play for a while before dinner. It was such a fun weekend!

Happy Monday!

Friday, September 27, 2013

five on friday!


I'm linking up with Darci and the girls again for 5 on friday! Here's just a random mix of our week.

This picture of Emma cracks me up. She put a puzzle piece in the right spot and stuck her arms up in the air. She is by no means able to do puzzles yet, but the fact that she put a piece in the right spot and I got so excited made her pretty proud. Love my girl!

A couple days ago after grocery shopping we saw this cat behind our house. Hudson has never seen a cat in real life but he was SO THRILLED when he saw this cat. He chased him around for a while and when he tried to climb up on the fence Hudson laughed so hard. It was a fun 10 minutes even though I'm not a fan of cats. At all.

1 of my favorite fall things. Honeycrisp apples! I love them alone or for a special treat, dipped in a little peanut butter. So delicious!

And also these. I found this coffee at Target and combined with the sugar free pumpkin spice creamer...divine!

Yesterday was PJ day at school. Hudson LOVES school. He woke up yesterday knowing it was a school day and from the second he woke up (6:15) until school started (9:00) he was ready to go. Several people suggested getting in the car and taking a while to get to school. Good idea except our school is literally across the street from our house. So I loaded the kids up in the stroller and we went on a nice long walk before school. I think this might be my new plan for school days. Hudson is just WAY too excited to be at home. He was in timeout twice and had 2 spankings all before 8:00. 

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

Monday, September 23, 2013

First Visit to Texas!

Last week the kids and I drove from Birmingham to McKinney. Yes, 1 adult with a 2 year old and 11 month old. It wasn't easy people, but we made it!

We went for my sister's baby shower and the kids actually did pretty good in the car. Hudson actually did really great. He played with stickers, coloring books, trucks, games on the iPad, and videos on the iPad. Emma however, is at the age where to be entertained she needs to be moving. She's also rear facing so sweet thing was so bored and restless. 

One of my road trip tricks is to stop at a grocery store or Target. That way, the kids are in a shopping cart and I can use the restroom without them crawling around on the nasty floor. I can also change each diaper and have the other kid secure in a cart. I figured this out when we made so many trips without John going from Victoria to McKinney. 

With all the traveling we do, my kids take great car naps. 

12+ hours later, we made it to Lady's house. The kids were hyped up and didn't go to bed until almost 10 pm. They had so much energy to burn!

Friday morning we went over to Amanda's house to play with Levi and Emma and also to meet baby Griffin! Hudson always has so much fun in their backyard.

After playing we met my dad for lunch at Panera. It was at lunch that I taught Hudson how to say, "ice ice baby." ha!

That afternoon while the kids napped at Lady's, Whit and I went to get pedicures.

Saturday we had the baby shower

My mom's long time friend, Becky came into town for the baby shower. Hudson loves Becky and she scored even more points when she scratched Hudson's arm. He didn't move for over 5 minutes!

Sunday afternoon Aunt Whit came over and as always, she's very entertaining.

Monday I spent the entire day with Whitney and my mom kept the kids for me. We organized Lincoln's nursery, made some exchanges, and got to go to lunch together. It was such a fun day! That evening we went to dinner with my dad and Hudson and I spent a little time outside in timeout. 

Tuesday morning we got going pretty quickly and started our trek back home to Alabama. We stopped for lunch at Subway and Emma got to try Cheetos for the first time. She was in love. 

We made much better time on the way home. 1 stop for lunch and gas and then 1 more stop for gas. I was proud. We made it home in 11 hours. Took off over an hour of time! Even after getting stopped by a cop in a speed trap in Louisiana.

Thankful to see this sign!

The best part of our day was seeing this guy when we got home. The kids were SO excited!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Emma :: 11 months old

Dear Emma James,

You are 11 months old! I'm in such denial that you will be 1 in a month. This year has gone even faster than Hudson's 1st year. I'm not sure how that is possible. You are such a joy and such an easy baby.

You are so fast at crawling! I really don't think you are close to walking on your own. You do great walking by pushing toys and holding our hands but you can barely stand on your own without holding on to something. I'll be shocked if you walk before you're 1. I am SO okay with this!!

You have 3, almost 4 new teeth this month! Your top 4 teeth all started coming in about the same time. 3 of them have broken the surface but the 4th is still right below. So you have 5 teeth now! You are constantly drooling and have a runny nose. Teething was so easy with Hudson but they are not as kind to you. Although we haven't had to use any Advil, Tylenol, or Orajel in over a week so that's great!

You are really able to understand what we say and communicate back with us. You can sign "all done" and "more" but you also wave bye bye and hi. You understand when we say, "sit on your bottom," "let's go bye bye," "come here," "look," and if we ask you if you want to eat a meal. ("Emma, do you want to eat lunch?" and you will crawl to your high chair.) You also say mama, dada, and nigh nigh for night night.

You love to dance. When you hear music you will start bouncing and sometimes wave a hand in the air. It's so cute and funny! Your favorite show is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and love the Hotdog Dance at the end. You do very well playing independently but still love to cuddle and be held. You love reading books with Hudson.

Your schedule changed a little this month. You wake up between 6:30 and 7:00 and nurse for about 5 minutes. Then you eat breakfast around 7:30 or 8:00. You nap from 9:00-10:15ish. Eat lunch around noon and then nap again from 1:00-3:30ish. You nurse again when you wake up from that nap but only for a few minutes. Then dinner is around 6:00 and you go to bed at 7:00. You will nurse again before bed for a few minutes. You nurse for 30 minutes total each day. And that's a generous amount. Some days it's only 15 minutes total. You are weaning yourself slowly and I'm okay with this. I don't want to rush anything and I'm just letting you be in charge in this area.

You love just about any food except meat. You aren't a big meat eater at all. You love greek yogurt, strawberries, blueberries, cheese, scrambled eggs, goldfish, peas, green beans, and corn. You eat pretty much what we eat.

Your clothes are all over the place. You can still fit into some 3-6 month things, but you're also wearing size 12 month outfits. Your jammies are 9 months or 6-12 months. You are wearing a size 3 diaper and when you do wear shoes I think it's a size 2. You are also still ripping a bow out of your hair as soon as I put it in. I gave up on them for a while but I think I'm going to start trying again soon. You just look too cute with a bow on your head! 

You love to be outside. Now that the weather is cooling off we've started playing in the backyard and you love to crawl around in the grass. If we didn't have several steps down to the backyard you would crawl right out on your own. You don't know how to do stairs yet. You and Hudson play SO well together. I love watching y'all together and it makes me SO happy to see how much y'all love each other. You've also started playing with Oliver and it's so much fun. As always, he is so good with you and Hudson.

Emma James, you have made our lives so much more exciting. You are a little spit fire but you are so sweet and cuddly at the same time. You have a voice and you definitely know how to use it. We love watching you grow and learn and can't wait to see how you will continue to change and develop. 

We love you so much.


::11 month stats::
weight: 20 pounds
height: 28 inches
eating: nursing at 7, 3, 7 meals at 8, 12, 6
clothes: anything from 3-6 to 12 months
diaper: size 3

And of course, Big Brother climbed up in the chair with his truck for a picture. :) 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Nautical Shower for Baby Lincoln

Last weekend I helped host a baby shower for my sister and Baby Lincoln. Whitney is having some nautical touches in Lincoln's nursery so we decided to take the shower in that direction. 

3 out of 4 of the hostesses were from out of the state so we decided to have it catered. The food was delicious.

We tied up the silverware in napkins tied with bakers twine and a lifesaver. 

When people walked in the door they could write a little blessing on these cards and then hang them on the wire board.

We had the shower at one of Whitney's best friend's parent's house in historic downtown McKinney. It was a gorgeous backdrop for the shower. 

We are so excited for Baby Lincoln to arrive in a few weeks! 

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