Monday, September 23, 2013

First Visit to Texas!

Last week the kids and I drove from Birmingham to McKinney. Yes, 1 adult with a 2 year old and 11 month old. It wasn't easy people, but we made it!

We went for my sister's baby shower and the kids actually did pretty good in the car. Hudson actually did really great. He played with stickers, coloring books, trucks, games on the iPad, and videos on the iPad. Emma however, is at the age where to be entertained she needs to be moving. She's also rear facing so sweet thing was so bored and restless. 

One of my road trip tricks is to stop at a grocery store or Target. That way, the kids are in a shopping cart and I can use the restroom without them crawling around on the nasty floor. I can also change each diaper and have the other kid secure in a cart. I figured this out when we made so many trips without John going from Victoria to McKinney. 

With all the traveling we do, my kids take great car naps. 

12+ hours later, we made it to Lady's house. The kids were hyped up and didn't go to bed until almost 10 pm. They had so much energy to burn!

Friday morning we went over to Amanda's house to play with Levi and Emma and also to meet baby Griffin! Hudson always has so much fun in their backyard.

After playing we met my dad for lunch at Panera. It was at lunch that I taught Hudson how to say, "ice ice baby." ha!

That afternoon while the kids napped at Lady's, Whit and I went to get pedicures.

Saturday we had the baby shower

My mom's long time friend, Becky came into town for the baby shower. Hudson loves Becky and she scored even more points when she scratched Hudson's arm. He didn't move for over 5 minutes!

Sunday afternoon Aunt Whit came over and as always, she's very entertaining.

Monday I spent the entire day with Whitney and my mom kept the kids for me. We organized Lincoln's nursery, made some exchanges, and got to go to lunch together. It was such a fun day! That evening we went to dinner with my dad and Hudson and I spent a little time outside in timeout. 

Tuesday morning we got going pretty quickly and started our trek back home to Alabama. We stopped for lunch at Subway and Emma got to try Cheetos for the first time. She was in love. 

We made much better time on the way home. 1 stop for lunch and gas and then 1 more stop for gas. I was proud. We made it home in 11 hours. Took off over an hour of time! Even after getting stopped by a cop in a speed trap in Louisiana.

Thankful to see this sign!

The best part of our day was seeing this guy when we got home. The kids were SO excited!

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