Friday, September 13, 2013

five on friday

I have been wanting to join in on this link up for several weeks now, but we all know how my blogging has been lately. But now that I'm back to my regular blogging I'm excited to finally participate!


Fall...I'm ready for it. I'm done with summer and looking forward to all things fall. The kids and I are in McKinney right now for my sister's baby shower tomorrow and it's in the 90's still. Ready for some cooler weather. I'm hoping the fall candles I bought last weekend will help usher in fall.

Emma will be 1 in just over a month. Umm WHAT? I have her party theme all planned out in my head but haven't done anything besides ordering her outfit and asking John to design her invitation. Better get on that.


Hudson knows all of his letters. We've been working SO hard on them the last couple of week and he has mastered all of them now. He also knows the sounds that each letter makes. I'm blown away by this kid. I need to get a video to share soon. 


I love our new neighborhood. Tuesday night we put the kids in the stroller and walked to dinner. We sat outside on the street and there was so much going on. After dinner we were going to on a little walk and let the kids play at the park before we went home to put them to bed. We walked around the corner and a fire truck was parked outside. One of the firemen went to pick up dinner and the one in the truck was SO nice. He let Hudson sit inside the truck, ring the bell and then gave him a hat. Hudson was in heaven and loved seeing the firetruck. Then we let the kids play at the park until it got dark. We all had so much fun.


The kids and I drove from Birmingham to McKinney yesterday. We were in the car for 12 hours, y'all! Considering the crazy long day they did so great.

Happy Friday, y'all!

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  1. Is that a B&BW candle? I saw they are on sale today and I'm thinking of picking some up but have never tried them - are they worth the $11 sale price?



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