Friday, September 6, 2013

Hudson's 1st day of MDO

Hudson started MDO on Tuesday. The night before I got his lunch all ready. Nothing fancy but things he loves. Peanut butter sandwich, chocolate letter crackers, cheese its, and grapes. He ate all of his grapes, half his sandwich, chocolate crackers, and cheese its. 

I also got his first day of school outfit all ready to go!

He was so excited to go to school. It was almost impossible to get him to stop and smile for a picture. 

I thought about retaking these front porch pictures but decided to just use them. He was not happy about having his picture made. He was ready to go.

We walked to school (I love living right by the church which is also his school) and he gave Mrs. Kathy (the director) a big hug and then went to his class. 

He went right in and never looked back! He was so happy. Which of course made me so happy.

His teachers, Mrs. Mary and Mrs. Kayla, are so sweet and he already loves them.

John came home for lunch that day and went with us to pick him up. Hudson was not ready to go home! I'm so proud of my big boy. I know he is going to do so well in school this year.

While Hudson was at school, I went to the first Moms and More (sort of like MOPS) meeting of the year. John's mom was still in town so she watched Emma at home. 

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