Sunday, November 30, 2014

November photo dump

A big 'ol photo dump of random pictures in November. Enjoy :)

3 years old is rough some days. He is so smart, but still a toddler...and on the days he doesn't nap...oh my.

Emma had just counted to 10 and was so proud of herself!

These 2 made these little pinecone/sucker turkeys at the nursery at the gym and one day I found them sucking on the suckers while still attached to the pinecones. Silly littles!

We usually decorate for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving, but after a 15 hour road trip back home it's nice to come back to a decorated home. 

Sweet littles all ready for Thanksgiving.

John and I went to go see Sophie compete in the Miss Olympian pageant..and she won! We were so proud!

With the beautiful Miss Olympian 2015!

Saturday morning pancakes. Also known as...the day after being out of town for a week and it's the only thing in the house for breakfast. ha!

A pancake artist I am not. But they loved them. ha!

We are doing a new Advent activity with the kids this year. We have 25 Christmas books that I wrapped and each night until Christmas they get to open 1 and we read it before bed. They are loving it!

Silly messy face.

Taking such sweet care of her baby.

Hudson and I went to go visit the Owens' new baby and Hudson was loving him.

a walk in the alley by our house.

She was in awe of this. 

They were playing mommy and daddy. Love them.

One of the sweetest picnics I've ever had.

One evening we were driving home from running a couple errands and they asked to go through the car wash. Why not?!? Once we were stuck inside they both changed their minds and wanted out. Awesome. 

Puzzles and games with my oldest are so fun. 

The trees in Birmingham in October and November are so gorgeous. I will never get tired of seeing them.

More alley walking. These 2 love shuffling through the leaves.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving in Austin 2014

This year for Thanksgiving we drove back to Austin to celebrate with John's family. We left around 5:00 am on Monday morning...but we had to wait a couple hours for the sun to come up before we could take our road trip selfie! ha!

We had a long day of traveling. But stopping for dinner in Waco was such a treat. It's always good to be back in Waco.

15 hours later we made it to John's mom's house. Our kids were full of energy...we were not.

Tuesday we went to the park and then had some Tex-Mex for lunch. Amen.

These kids love Mexican food.

Doing some work at Susu's computer...talking on the phone, err mouse.

That night after dinner the kids got to make banana splits. They were big fans!

Wednesday we met up with Spencer and Pam for a delicious Mexican breakfast. Emma and Pop Pop shared hair accessories and a love for bacon.

After breakfast we went to the aquarium. 

And fed some birds. 

John had a bird on his head for a good 5 minutes.

I didn't get the memo that we weren't smiling and looking at the camera. oops! ha!

After lunch and naps we went to Kiddie Acres with Spencer and Pam which is a little amusement park place for little kids. John grew up going there and the kids and I went back in the spring but this was his first time there with the kids. It was a fun afternoon!

Emma did so much more this trip than she did in the spring. She is such a big girl now!

After Kiddie Acres we met up with Sara and Ron for dinner. Hudson got a chance to wear Pop Pop's hat. He was looking a little Newsies-ish. ha!

Thursday (Thanksgiving) morning we got up and quickly got ready and drove up to Waco to spend Thanksgiving with John's dad's family. 

My favorites on Thanksgiving...the 3 I'm most thankful for.

One of John's cousins found a praying mantis outside and brought it inside for the kids to see. Hudson and I are not big fans of bugs. Hudson said, "that bug needs to go back outside now." Couldn't agree more!

Friday we were up early again for our drive back home. We were all more than ready to be home!

It was a quick but wonderful trip. We are so thankful for our families!

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