Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I've got some news for you my friends.

John and I are moving!

This is such a bittersweet time for us. And that is the understatement of the year. Big understatement. Our time in Waco (all 8 years!) has been so sweet and full of memories, friends and love. Waco is our home (never thought I would say that), it is where we met, fell in love and started our married life together. It is where Baylor University is. We love this place.

We will also be leaving our church. Ouch..that one hurts. This is the church that we have loved and served for almost 4 years. Almost our whole married life. They have watched us grow in our marriage and have traveled with us through our life as newlyweds and grad school. We love the people in Hamilton more than they will ever know and will always hold a special place in our hearts for them.

But it is time for a new season. And we are so very excited. We will be moving to Victoria, Texas. Yes, way down south close to the coast! If you come visit I promise we will go to the beach! John will be serving a church in Victoria as the Associate Pastor of Music and Worship. This church is such a warm and loving place and we already feel so loved and welcome there. Our official move date is August 3rd. John's first day in the office is August 17th and our first Sunday is August 23rd.

Yes, we will be moving in Texas during August. Hello...Can we say hot??

So there you have it! Life is going to be pretty busy the next few weeks but we couldn't be more thrilled!


  1. Congrats! You are an amazing, talented couple. God is going to do great things through you! Change is hard but so exciting :) Good Luck...

  2. yay! so glad we'll still be neighbors! and hey- moving in august- at least you've got movers! we're doing all of our own grunt work. =)

  3. Congratulations to you both!! You guys are such wonderful people I know you will adapt well. We will miss running into you at the park! Keep us posted.

  4. congratulations! and good luck with that move! we just did it, and man was it HOT! keep hydrated! :)

  5. august 3rd, huh? stop off for birthday dinner on your way through austin, eh? <3

  6. How exciting to start a new chapter! I both thrive on change and freak out about it all in one. I hope the next several weeks go smoothly!

  7. Yay!! Boo!! Yay!! Boo!!! :-)

    Mixed emotions... we are so happy for you, but will miss you so much.

    Your "real" life is starting now!! I remember when Luke FINALLY finished Med School AND residency and we were finally going to start our LIFE, which we had been planning for 6-7 years. It was such an exciting time!!! I wish you guys so much happiness and fun and excitement!! But, you must stay in touch... we want to know all the crazy, wonderful, exciting things that are going to happen to you guys!!!!! God Speed!

  8. CONGRATS!! I'm so excited for both of you! =)

  9. Congrats, Lindsay and John! I am excited for you guys. Waco will miss you!


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