Monday, November 29, 2010

menu planning monday (or lack thereof)

Check out my post below...a few preggo details that I've been asked!

I know you guys are all wondering about menu planning (read: I know you couldn't care less). So last week I didn't meal plan for the week. With Thanksgiving that week and rehearsals for the Christmas pageant at church it didn't make sense to do it. So we ate what we had.

This week I'm not going to either because here's what is going on...

Monday: leftovers after Christmas pageant dress rehearsal

Tuesday: I'll be out of town for work. John will probably eat a frozen pizza

Wednesday: I'll be out of town still. John's on his own again. (Don't worry, he has plenty of choices.)

Thursday: I'll be back but we have a Bunco Christmas party that night

Friday: Sunday School Christmas party

So as you can see, no point. And I'll just let you know menu planning next week either. Every night we have performances of the Christmas pageant. December is CRAZY!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

the details

First of all...THANK YOU all so much for all of the sweet emails, tweets, comments and facebook messages. We are so excited and so thankful that the Lord has blessed us with this pregnancy. And I am so happy that everyone finally knows! We've had a secret for way too long. Here are some details...

When did you find out? We found out on October 14. I'll share more of that story later.

How far along are you? 11 weeks 2 days and my due date is June 17. One week after my birthday!

Will you find out the sex? Yes, we will be finding out the sex of the baby. Before I got pregnant I always went back and forth on wanting to find out. But now that I'm knocked up it's all I can think about. I'm ready to start monogramming things!

How are you feeling? I feel awesome! I am in that rare group that does not experience morning sickness. My mom didn't so I'm hoping that I'll be the same. I do get a little nauseous first thing in the morning if I don't eat breakfast fast enough but that's it. Not complaining!

I am so tired all the time. Not a fan. I'm also crazy emotional. I have cried during a Kay Jewelry commercial, I cried when Brad Paisley gave his acceptance speech for entertainer of the year. I cry about once a day, give or take.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

A "Little" Thanksgiving News

What we are most thankful for this year....

1st Ultrasound

Baby Woods...Coming June 2011!

Monday, November 15, 2010

menu planning monday

Last week things got a little crazy and off schedule. So one of last week's meals is going to carry over to this week. Our goal this week is to not go out to eat at all. With a crazy week ahead let's hope we can stick to that.

Monday: Black Bean Burgers with Mango Avocado Salsa and sweet potato fries

Tuesday: Tex-Mex Calzones

Wednesday: leftovers

Thursday: Meatloaf with mashed potatoes

Friday: Chicken and Green Chili Soup

Saturday: Pot Roast with Smashed Potatoes

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thursday's Thoughts (and my 400th post!)

...400 posts! Crazy! Who would of thought I would have stuck with something this long. I kid. Sort of.

...I'm off work today for Veteran's Day. We have some fun things planned today including my dad coming this evening with our new couch!

...Even though we bought a house almost 6 months ago, I still watch the real estate channel. You know, to see if we missed a better one. So far I'm very happy with our house.

...We got a cleaning lady! I am so very excited about this. Because we both work full time it is so not fun to spend our free time cleaning. Plus, we would rather spend our free time doing house projects so it will be a huge blessing. She comes tomorrow for the first time.

...Tuesday night I heard what sounded like a gunshot. It started off very slow so that's why I thought it was a gun. Then it quickly got faster and was clearly fireworks. Yes, fireworks, in November. I went outside (once I was for sure it was fireworks) and sure enough, it looked like the 4th of July. Turns out it was a church. Not sure what they had going on that night. And yes, I did get in my car to drive around until I found where they were coming from. And yes, I was home alone...John was out of town. What else was I going to do?!?!

...One thing that I have missed so much about Waco is Cafe Cappuccino. It was this awesome little restaurant that had the best breakfast. My favorites are the banana pecan pancakes, apple wheat pancakes and their omelets are out of this world. I heard about a place here that is supposed to have great breakfast...and we are going on Saturday. Can't wait!

...I think that's enough. My "thoughts" turned into 2 mini stories. Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Baylor Homecoming 2010


Baylor Homecoming. I heard someone once say that this is their favorite "holiday" and I have to agree. There is nothing like Baylor Homecoming. I know that as long as we will be able to we will go every year.


This is the building I used to work in...

Friday night we got to Waco around 9:30. Much later than we really wanted to, but I wasn't able to take off early so we made the best of it. We went straight to the bonfire.

This year at Homecoming it was rather warm and it made the bonfire seem so much hotter. Needless to say, we didn't get too close.

We did get our traditional pics in front of the fire. Just very far away...

And our BFFs Patrick, Courtney and Baby Ethan who will be here in about 3 weeks!

After the bonfire we headed over to Waco Hall for Pigskin Revue. Sorry, no pictures.

The next morning we got up early, had breakfast at Cafe Cappuccino. I was SO happy about this!

And then back to campus for the parade.


A little store about this picture. A Baylor alumni wrote a children's book called 'B is for Baylor' and was at the Baylor Bookstore doing a book signing. We decided to go ahead and get a signed book for any future babies we may have.

John and me

Patrick and John

Courtney and me

The Noze Brothers and the famous Poppa Rollo's truck

The Noze Brotherhood is the organization Rand Paul was involved in while at Baylor.


This float won 1st place in whatever category it was in (can't remember). It was amazing. It had a working roller coaster...

and ferris wheel...

Getting our Rope newspaper

After the parade we went to the Baylor Bookstore and got some new t-shirts and our autographed book. We skipped the game this year and went to Hamilton to see all of our old friends there. Sunday we went to our old church and saw so many people we have missed dearly. It was such a special time in our lives.

Monday, November 8, 2010

menu planning monday

Monday: Pork Tenderloin Salad

Tuesday: Black Bean Burgers with Sweet Potato Fries

Wednesday: Chili and corn bread

Thursday: Dad in town

Friday: Date Night

Saturday: John's mom in town

Sunday: Migas

Monday, November 1, 2010

menu planning monday

Happy November! Seriously...I am so excited this month is finally here!

I am so looking forward to Thanksgiving and decorating for Christmas at the end of the month.

Even though I am not participating in NaBloPoMo this month, I am going to start blogging more often. One thing that I have seen on several blogs that I am going to start this month is Menu Planning Monday.

Since we have finished the majority of our house renovation I have been cooking more frequently. (I know John is happy about that!) I've always been on and off about menu planning and I think this will {hopefully} keep me accountable for creating a menu and grocery shopping each week.

So without further ado, our menu this week.

Monday: Grilled Chicken with Creamed Spinach and Sweet Potatoes

Tuesday: Chicken Corn Chowder with Pepper Jack Corn Muffins

Wednesday: Chicken Quesadillas

Thursday: Chicken Florentine

Friday: Sunday School Party

Saturday: Rigatoni with Vegetable Bolognese

Sunday: Upward Celebration

Just realized there's a lot of chicken on that menu! Gonna change it up more next week...ha!
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