Monday, November 29, 2010

menu planning monday (or lack thereof)

Check out my post below...a few preggo details that I've been asked!

I know you guys are all wondering about menu planning (read: I know you couldn't care less). So last week I didn't meal plan for the week. With Thanksgiving that week and rehearsals for the Christmas pageant at church it didn't make sense to do it. So we ate what we had.

This week I'm not going to either because here's what is going on...

Monday: leftovers after Christmas pageant dress rehearsal

Tuesday: I'll be out of town for work. John will probably eat a frozen pizza

Wednesday: I'll be out of town still. John's on his own again. (Don't worry, he has plenty of choices.)

Thursday: I'll be back but we have a Bunco Christmas party that night

Friday: Sunday School Christmas party

So as you can see, no point. And I'll just let you know menu planning next week either. Every night we have performances of the Christmas pageant. December is CRAZY!

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  1. Hey Lindsay, I just found your 2 blogs through Facebook. It's so nice to read up on you & your life. Congratulations on your pregnancy! Motherhood is the most amazing thing, & I know you'll be a great mom! I was in the rare breed too of not getting sick- enjoy it! I love all your recipes- I'm so going to have to try some of them! Anywho- I'll be adding you to my "Blog's I Read" list! So good to catch up with you! God bless. Happy Holidays!


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