Saturday, September 5, 2015


Having friends over for dinner and ice cream in the backyard is so fun!

Celebrating Mary Everett at her playdoh 3rd birthday party!

Food truck roundup!

Followed up by We Love Homewood Day!

We Love Homewood Day parade!

Sunday sweets

Being super cool like the bulldog on his shirt

We loved watching these bird eggs and waiting for them to hatch!

Hudson and Emma had their End of Year Celebration at school. Each grade did a few songs. It's a shame Hudson is so shy.

Then Emma's sweet little class came in.

More carousel fun!

Family hike!

Hudson and John washed the Yukon and he thought it was the best thing ever.

Water fun with our friends.

My beautiful brown eyed girl

Date night with my man!

Mother's Day with my family

Love these littles.

2 of the eggs hatched!

HOT day at the park.

Last day of school!

With my girl at her class party

Emma's sweet teachers

Trying to get a class picture. hahaha

Emma and her sweet buddy AJ.

Hudson with one of his teachers. His other teacher had to leave early but we are so excited because he has them again this year. They moved up to teach Pre-K. They're the best!

Hudson and his sweet friend, Abbey.

doing some bike riding

Post dinner Doodles with friends

Killing some time, practicing the organ.

Swimming with Abbey at her neighborhood pool

This girl

Hudson and Abbey 

Making all the emotions

Supper club handstands. Boys.

In May we drove back to Texas to visit our families. We made a stop in Waco to show the kids Baylor. 

It was so fun having both of them on campus. Emma has never been and Hudson has only been when he was 6 weeks old and 5 months old. So it was time.

Where we fell in love.

We spent a few days in Austin with John's family.

Hudson asked me what this thing was. ha!

Then we went to McKinney to see my family!

Hudson and Lincoln eating "spicy popcorn." AKA buffalo popcorn

Sister time at the spa!

We were in Texas during the nonstop rain they had earlier this year. It was unseasonably cooler so because of the weather we didn't get as much pool time as we would have liked. But we still had fun!

Gorgeous cake for Betsy and Mark's baby shower!

Cousins twinning

Eating ribs with her Lady

more twinning

snowcones at scallywags

By the time we got home, our pool was open! 

Grownups having fun at the kids party.

Celebrating Jonah's 4th birthday at Pump It Up!

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