Saturday, September 5, 2015


My girl who loves to accessorize.

building Magnatile houses

More coloring on herself. oh my

Picnic in mommy and daddy's room

Checking out a children's ministry event. 

They loved getting to worship with the older kids

Building a "spaceship."

Apparently this water spot on the ground looked like a guitar.

See...lots of painting

And painting our skin.

Me and my girl.

Every student in Hudson's class last year got to celebrate their birthday at school. I loved how they did it. Instead of the kid bringing in cupcakes or cookies, they were asked to bring in a cake mix, frosting, and sprinkles if they wanted. At school they would make the cake, bake it, frost it and then have a little party. The students who had summer birthday got to celebrate their "pretend birthday" during a school month. Hudson's pretend birthday was March 10.

And John happened to stop by as they were making cake.

Never one to miss a photo op...

Making silly faces.

Hanging out and checking out the amazing views.

Fun morning at AirWalk

I ran my first 5K in March! I loved that we all did it together as a family.

And after the 5K, we all ran the 1 mile fun run.

Hudson was asked to say the prayer before the fun run. 

Our fam crossing the finish line after the 5K.

One night at dinner with friends we saw a group of princesses walking by. The girls loved it!

The Homewood fire department got a new huge fire truck and brought it to school one day for the kids to see it.

St. Patrick's Day!

Hencation 2015 with my hens!

While they were here, my mom came also so the kids got lots of park time with Lady.

Animal train

New princess wand and skirt. Love my girly girl

Emma's sweet class on St. Patrick's day.

Before picture day at school


the Broadduses came through town and it's always so fun to see them.

Lunch at Irondale Cafe to see the trains.

Fun birthday party for Hudson's buddy, Mason.

Spring break fun with friends at the zoo.

picnic at Railroad Park with my littles.

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