Monday, November 30, 2009

the good and the bad

So today wasn't the best Monday/last day of November. Not my favorite way to kick start my week either. But I didn't really have high hopes for a great day, especially coming off of a holiday.

But there is good news and bad news. I'll share the bad news first.

*I woke up late. Never good. On a Monday even worse.

*I found my first gray hair this morning! And I can't pull it out because it's short which means it just started growing recently and it is right on the crown of my head. But I part my hair on the side so it gets covered up. Ugh!

*I put my hair in a ponytail before I even left the house. I never do that. I never put my hair in a ponytail even during the day. I've done it maybe 2 times in the last 3 years. No joke.

*I had to be at work/the high school extra early on a Monday/first day back to work of almost a week off. School traffic sucks.

*Today was cold and rainy.

*So my window in my car won't roll up without me pulling it up with my hand also. Can we say ghetto? It only does this when it is rainy.

*I am constantly wanting something sweet...darn you Thanksgiving!

in other {good} news...

*I can't believe November is over and tomorrow is December!

*25 days until Christmas!!

*We put up our Christmas tree yesterday and started decorating. Done with the tree but not the decorations. And I don't see myself finishing before Thursday.

*We got a cold front here in South Texas and I mean it's a real cold front! Instead of just long sleeves I actually needed my jacket today and it's going to be like this all week!

*My office building is decorated beautifully for Christmas and it makes me SO HAPPY! I can see the lobby from my office window and there is a beautiful tree and garland and holly berries and poinsettias that are making me smile.

*We have our first Christmas party on Friday night! I love this time of year!!!

*ABC Family's 25 days of Christmas starts tomorrow! I've enjoyed the countdown and am looking forward to the real thing!

*NaBloPoMo wasn't so bad this year. I tried to do a meaningful post each day. Not saying I did but I tried. I'm sorry if they were lame!

Well, there are more good things than bad things so Happy Monday! It's been real NaBloPoMo!



  1. I get the gray hair too. Seriously, I dye it to cover them up. I'm 26 and NEED dye jobs...not lookin' good for me, I definitely feel your pain!
    I LOVE this weather! Houston news is saying some snow/rain is possible Friday. If it snows in Houston while I am in Cleveland (and it doesn't snow there) I am going to die!!!

  2. I too have had gray hairs for years :( I even have little short ones like you mentioned. There is a way to get rid of them, it's called tweezers! Just grab those bad boys and pluck that nasty gray hair away. And not to be the barer of bad news, but it is likely you have other little ones like this that are just hidden better. About once a week I go on a hunt, ready to find any newbys that may have decided to sprout (sorry if that was TMI)!

  3. I think the gray hair is cool! Like Stacey from What Not To Wear. Rock it, girl!

  4. sorry about your bad day! hopefully you have a super december ahead of you:)

  5. Premature gray runs in BOTH my husband's and my side of the family. Not that it's premature any more, LOL! Our 24 yr old has quite a sprinkling of suave sophistication himself. The tweezer hunter cracked me up with her comment....if I did that, I'd be bald by now. Tweeze while you may! But one's the bottle, baby. Ha!

  6. Totally jealous you get to watch 25 days of Christmas!!


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