Thursday, November 5, 2009

no more excuses

A couple weeks ago John and I finally got a gym membership. We looked at the gyms when we moved here 3 months ago and decided which one to join but it took us a while to actually get there and do it.

I am a morning workout person. I prefer morning workouts for several reasons. They wake me up more than any amount of coffee ever will. I only have to shower once. (Evening workouts require 2 showers in 1 day and I'm all about conserving water.)

However, when you are a working woman such as myself, working out in the morning must be done at the butt crack of dawn. But I am willing to do it.

This week was full of excuses as to why I didn't get up though. Monday and Tuesday I just flat did not want to wake up. And yesterday, well let's just say it was that evil time that each woman experiences once a month.

But today, when my alarm when off at 4:55 am I had every intent on sleeping in again. But after hitting snooze I was SO FREAKIN AWAKE! It was a little annoying actually.

It was my "wake up call." no pun intended.

Needless to say, I was at the gym this morning.

No more excuses.


  1. You go, girl! Set your ipod to wake you up to some pump-up jams

  2. I need to get motivated to get in the gym!

  3. go girl!! I would love to be a morning workout person, but I haven't figured out how to trick my mind into thinking it's the cool thing to do!


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