Saturday, November 21, 2009

the results are in...

So one of the perks of blogging and reading TONS of other blogs out there are the amazing giveaways that happen.

A little over a year ago I won my first giveaway..a blog makeover from Fabulous K! I was thrilled because that meant my first custom blog design. It is so exciting to see your name appear on the “results show” of a blog giveaway.

With that being said, I enter LOTS AND LOTS of giveaways. Mostly they are on blogs where thousands and thousands of other people enter and really, what are the chances that I am going to win out of 36,000 other people? (Yes, this is referring to Pioneer Woman’s giveaways!)

So imagine my EXCITEMENT when I saw my name appear on Joelen’s blog that I had won a Cuisinart Mini Prep Processor!!! I literally was in shock and confirmed it by clicking the “Lindsay link” to make sure it went to my blog!

I have a 14 cup Cuisinart Food processor and I absolutely love it but it is such a pain using it for smaller jobs . I have been wanting a mini one for a long time and have just never put it on my Christmas list or purchased it for myself.

But soon it will be mine! And I am THRILLED!

So..thank you so much Joelen!

And check out her blog because she has tons of fabulous giveaways and has great recipes too!


  1. How exciting! I never win anything either. I would LOVE to win PW's mixer give away...I already have one, but I like the red one with the glass bowl! I NEED the glass bowl. I guess I'll have to wait until next year to buy the bowl for my mixer. I've heard the bowl will be available for purchase eventually!

  2. Woohoo! That's awesome!!! Lets catch up before thanksgivig! love you!

  3. I am officially envious... I enter the "give-aways" on blogs often, and have never won. Not once!!

    And, by the way, we still miss you guys... my kid-o's were just asking about you guys a few days ago!!!


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