Wednesday, November 18, 2009

facials and thanksgiving

You know those word verification things?

I always read the word and it reminds me of something. Usually it's really dumb because they are never real words.

Well about 2 minutes ago I was typing one and the letters "f-a-c-i-a-l" were an actual word.

And a gloriously beautiful word. Anyway, not where I was going with this post..but I wouldn't say no to a facial right now.

I am so excited about Thanksgiving next week. 1 week from yesterday John and I are heading up to Dallas to spend Thanksgiving with my family.

Living so far away from my family now is harder than I thought.

In Waco it used to be so easy to jump in the car and take a day trip up to Dallas.

Now, in Victoria..not so much.

But in one week..we'll be there and I cannot wait!

And I want to officially add a facial to my Christmas list. kthanks!

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  1. We will be here for Thanksgiving so I understand the living far away thing!


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