Monday, November 2, 2009

Hey! Who put my stapler in Jello again?

John and I don't have any kids yet, obviously.

So we do random stuff and document it like this, this, this and this.

I know. Dumb random stuff. But I enjoy documenting it because it is fun to go back and laugh at the silly things we have done.

So here's another thing to add to the "we don't have kids so we do stupid stuff" list.

One of the other pastors John works with is a big fan of The Office. We knew from the beginning that it would be fun to pull a Jim/Dwight prank on Mickey. So John brings Mickey's stapler home one evening and I still had LOTS of Jello leftover from John's surgery this summer. So we got to work.

The materials...

Stapler in Jello
Pouring the boiling hot Jello over the stapler that is suspended with dental floss and scotch tape...

Stapler in Jello
Stapler in Jello

The next worked!
Stapler in Jello
John leaving for work making his Jim face...

Stapler in Jello

The prank was a success and Mickey loved it.


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