Friday, October 31, 2014

random October pictures

Mondays with my girl are so fun! 

Emma calls q-tips "ears." hahaha! One day I heard "uh oh, ears! I make mess!" coming from her room. sweet girl!

Emma loves coloring with pens. And on paper that's not a coloring page. So she has her own little notebook and she loves drawing in it.

Post dinner ice cream with my favorites.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

#woodslifeeveryday2014 week 43

Day 295: Apple eating on the big rock. It's a beautiful fall day!

Day 296: He's been making all kinds of shapes with the cups today. He's currently working on a hexagon.

Day 297: The cupcake and Jake are ready for the Fall Festival!

Day 298: Having so much fun at Mary Katherine's pirate party!

Day 299: Fun pumpkin carving party tonight! Hudson and Emma both HATED the guts but they had fun playing with their friends. Ha!

Day 300: Walking home from the gym with my sweet girl this morning. I love Mondays with her!

Day 301: Ground beef smileys! (Bonus points if you know the reference!) #tacotuesday

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Preschool Diaries part 1

Hudson and Emma are ROCKING preschool this year. They each have amazing teachers and love it so much.

Hudson's class is called the Busy Bees and they have this book with a picture of each friend in the class. One day after school, Hudson wanted to look at his busy bee friends before he fell asleep. He loves school and his sweet friends so much.

The concentration of this sweet girl! Love her!

A couple weeks ago, Hudson got to be the "busy bee of the week" so he got to lead his class in circle time. 

His teachers are so fun! Piggy pancakes!

One of his teachers sent me this picture...he put these glasses on and said, "look! Just like Mrs. Jessica!" (one of his teachers) haha!

Monday, October 27, 2014

2014 Fall Festival

Our church's fall festival was so much fun this year. Can you tell how excited they were? haha!

We started out in the gym before it got too crowded. They covered the gym floor and it was full of fun inflatables. This is probably Hudson and Emma's favorite part of fall festival.

We finally made it outside and John and Hudson rode this thing. I don't do spinning rides. 

They had lots of tiny rides for preschoolers so Hudson and Emma got to ride this carousel together without an adult. ha! They loved it. 

Dinner break...of course these 2 chose pizza. 

We went back inside to play a few preschool games to win some candy. 

As soon as we got home the kids stripped down and Emma put on Hudson's Jake costume as quickly as she could. hahah! 

I love my little cupcake and Jake! Such a fun night!

pumpkin carving party 2014

Last night we went to a fun pumpkin carving party! 

Really, John did all the carving, the kids played, and I took pictures, talked, and ate. It was great! ha!

Lots of fun friends. The weather was perfect.

Getting our jack-o-lantern all set up at home.

Ours is the owl one...

Sweet friends making a band. haha!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

MK's pirate party!

Hudson's sweet friend Mary Katherine had such a fun pirate birthday party.

The kids had so much fun and instead of cake, the ice cream truck came!

Hudson, Mary Katherine, and Jake have all been in the same preschool class last year and this year. They are 3 sweet little friends.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

#woodslifeeveryday2014 week 42

Day 288: I've said this before, buy my girl is obsessed with brushing her teeth. Also, she calls the step stool a "toiwet" (toilet). ha!

Day 289: I subbed at the kids' preschool today and got to be in Hudson's class. It was so fun because he was actually the "bee of the week" this week so I got to see him do circle time. Such a fun morning!

Day 290: Steel City Pops with my favorites!

Day 291: Pumpkin painting!

Day 292: Daddies are great for a lot of reasons. Reason number 23,826: instant jungle gym.

DAy 293: "On the count of 3 say GIANT CUPCAKE!" #emmajamesturnstwo

Day 294: Emma got lots of baby accessories for her birthday and has been playing with them nonstop today. All day long. Also, she's trying to put a bib on like a diaper. Love her!

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