Wednesday, October 1, 2014

#woodslifeeveryday2014 week 39

Day 267: Maybe one of these days they'll look at me when they smile. Ha!

Day 268: Ice cream!

Day 269: We got to have dinner with a sweet friend tonight! We were so excited for Lynn to meet Hudson and Emma. And they loved her because she sang songs and brought them coloring books, stickers, and toys!

Day 270: As I was brushing her teeth she says, "no mommy, I do it." Love her little independent self.

Day 271: "Look mommy! A big sailboat!" (Said with the biggest southern drawl.)

Day 272: As we were playing outside tonight, I overheard Hudson say, "Hey Emma, are you ready to go to Texas tomorrow?" Sweet boy!

Day 273: We've been on the road since 5:45 am! Stopping for lunch at CFA. These 2 are doing awesome in the car. Only about 5 more hours to go!

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