Wednesday, October 22, 2014

#woodslifeeveryday2014 week 42

Day 288: I've said this before, buy my girl is obsessed with brushing her teeth. Also, she calls the step stool a "toiwet" (toilet). ha!

Day 289: I subbed at the kids' preschool today and got to be in Hudson's class. It was so fun because he was actually the "bee of the week" this week so I got to see him do circle time. Such a fun morning!

Day 290: Steel City Pops with my favorites!

Day 291: Pumpkin painting!

Day 292: Daddies are great for a lot of reasons. Reason number 23,826: instant jungle gym.

DAy 293: "On the count of 3 say GIANT CUPCAKE!" #emmajamesturnstwo

Day 294: Emma got lots of baby accessories for her birthday and has been playing with them nonstop today. All day long. Also, she's trying to put a bib on like a diaper. Love her!

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