Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Emma's 2nd Birthday

We decided to keep Emma's birthday party small this year. I started thinking that the 2nd birthday is kind of the perfect year to keep things simple. We already had the big 1st year birthday party and at 2 they still don't really get it. We will have a big friend party next year, but I loved her sweet and simple 2nd birthday. 

We started the morning off with donuts. Which we realized...neither of our kids like donuts. ha!

Hudson got one too...they both picked at the sprinkles but that was it.

Hudson had school that day so I got to spend a few hours with just my girl. We ran some birthday related errands and when I asked her what she wanted for lunch she told me chips. So instead of a birthday lunch out we came home and she got chips for her birthday lunch. ha!

That evening we invited E&B over for dinner. If we lived closer to family we would have had them over as well...but a 12-15 hour drive for dinner isn't exactly convenient.

We had Emma's favorite foods for dinner...chips and dip, steak, mac n cheese, and salad. She's got great taste in food. :)

For her cake, I used the giant cupcake pan from Williams Sonoma and made her a giant cupcake. She was in awe.

We love our sweet 2 year old!

She got lots of fun presents...lots of baby doll things, a new necklace, a Sophia pillow, and a zoo membership from E&B.

So much fun celebrating our favorite little girl. 

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