Monday, October 27, 2014

2014 Fall Festival

Our church's fall festival was so much fun this year. Can you tell how excited they were? haha!

We started out in the gym before it got too crowded. They covered the gym floor and it was full of fun inflatables. This is probably Hudson and Emma's favorite part of fall festival.

We finally made it outside and John and Hudson rode this thing. I don't do spinning rides. 

They had lots of tiny rides for preschoolers so Hudson and Emma got to ride this carousel together without an adult. ha! They loved it. 

Dinner break...of course these 2 chose pizza. 

We went back inside to play a few preschool games to win some candy. 

As soon as we got home the kids stripped down and Emma put on Hudson's Jake costume as quickly as she could. hahah! 

I love my little cupcake and Jake! Such a fun night!

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