Thursday, October 16, 2014

Life lately!

Once again, I haven't been the best blogger. But we've been having lots of fun!

Wednesday lunch with John after bible study.

These 2 love La Bamba!

Our walks home from church are always an adventure.

At the end of September I met Jen and Maddie for breakfast. Love this girl!

Our sweet little fam.


Hudson was reading to Emma one night before bed.

Teeth brushing is always fun!

One of many visits to the pedi to check on Emma's ears. She has gotten lots of ear infections, but thankfully antibiotics always clear them up so no need for tubes.

Hudson wearing B's glasses at church.

After almost 3 years with my iPhone 4, I finally got an upgrade!

These 2 are currently collecting money for Joy House in Haiti. They love putting money in their banks.

Emma loves her Sew Darling doll she got from Aunt Whit for her birthday.

The kids table at Supper Club.

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