Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Blogging 101

This weekend at my church there is a Women's "stay-cation" Retreat. There will be breakout sessions with all kinds of fun things like Scrapbooking, Digital Photography, Power Cooking (or something like that) and many other things. All lead by women who are incredible at these things.

One of the breakout sessions is "How to Create a Blog."

And guess who is leading it? Yep, yours truly. <insert feelings if inadequacy here>

I'm going to be doing basic stuff about how to start a blog, how to post, how to insert pictures, etc.

But if you could be so kind as to help me out with one thing.

I blog because I love having a journal/story of our lives. We live about 6 hours from my family and a few hours from John's family and are very far from many friends as well. I love to have a way to show them what we are up to and I love going back and looking at what we've done.

I also HATE scrapbooking with a passion. I am so bad at it. It takes way too long and I am never satisfied with what I have done. So this is my way of documenting our lives with journaling and photographs.

I want to be able to share with the women why people blog. So what better way than to ask my readers.

So please share...

why do you blog?


  1. What a great event! I wish I could go and hang out with all of you lovely ladies. Tell you what, I'll post a post just for you about why I blog! Then you can show them to my blog if you need another blog to show.

    It is scary thinking of being an example (insert understanding of your feelings of inadequacy). You'll do great!

  2. You are the perfect person to be teaching that session! I blog for similar purposes as well, but also as a way to feel connected to a bigger world than my own! AND... guess who Caden and I have been hanging out with?! Izzy and Ashley... I had no idea you knew them until I saw them on your blog post a few days ago... then Ashley told me today the history of you two! SO fun! I have REALLY enjoyed getting to know her!! Good luck this weekend!!

  3. I originally started my blog shortly after finishing college. Several of my friends had moved to opposite ends of the country (California & Virginia). A few of us decided to blog so that we could keep up with the every day stuff. We knew we would keep in touch sporadically on the phone, but blogging was a way to share the funny stories along the way! My google reader list has grown and grown. Blogging keeps me in touch with people like you whom I really never talk to, but I feel like I know what's going on in your life, all thanks to the blog-o-sphere.

    I'm sure your session will be great! Be sure to post after and tell us all about it!

  4. I blog because, like you, i like to keep up with family and friends- and keep them updated on us. I don't like posting too much on facebook because EVERYONE and their dog sees it, so a blog seems a little bit more "intimate" if you will. it's also a great stress reliever to sit down and write sometimes! =)

  5. I blog because I DETEST scrapbooking...It makes me feel totally inadequate. I just can't do it right, or keep up with it. So I just do not even begin.

    I also blog because I want to keep a journal of sorts for my kids to look back on when they are older so that they know how I was and what I thought about when I was a mom with young kids... and maybe they'll be able to see similarities between themselves and me. Maybe they'll understand that I wasn't perfect, but I REALLY tried hard to do my best, while maintaining a sense of humor at the same time!! :-) And maybe, just maybe, they will see a small glimpse of how much I love them.

    My Mom is printing out my blog and binding it, so there will be a hard copy of my craziness to pass on to the girls...

    I also blog because my Mom lives far away, and it is an easy way of showing her their pics and their daily adventures and making her feel like she's not "missing" so much...

    Hope that helps. Don't worry... you will be GREAT.

  6. I blog so others can keep up with us! I also use it as a baby "book" since I am not good at writing things down. I also love how you can just upload the pictures and it is all on the computer and there you go! If I had a baby book I don't think I would have any pictures, because I hardly ever take the time to print out pictures...and then when I do....I have like over 100 to print out! It's also nice for family and friends who don't live near us to keep up with sweet Madsyon!

    What a fun retreat you guys are having this weekend! Good luck!

  7. i blog cause i can update onc eevery 3 months and thats ok. haha

  8. I am terrible at journaling. Always have been, always will be. I always have good intentions, matched with the cutest new journal, but I'm never consistent. I blog because it's a way for me jot down a few things from the day, chart my progression of goals (like training for races), and most importantly share any good finds! Food, clothes, SALES, music, movies--I'm just offering up mt personal review.

    What a fun seminar!

  9. I posted my reasons on my blog!


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