Saturday, September 5, 2015


Picnic dinner

Sweet happy girl

Being silly and showing off his new red "hole-y" shoes.

Throwing rocks in the stream...a childhood favorite.

Dying Easter eggs for the first time

They loved it

love my girl

we got "egged!"

Annual Easter egg hunt with the Knights. So fun!

Easter Sunday

After church we had lunch with our friends and did a little Easter egg hunt.

The Easter bunny comes after naps in our house. Sunday mornings are very busy. I think I'm going to ask the Easter bunny to start coming on Saturday.

Easter night we went over to another friends' house for pizza and more egg hunts. Love this family of mine.

Post Easter lounging.

Walks in the spring time are my favorite. Fall is a good time for walks too. ;)

Love my silly littles.

Making rocket ships.

Who knows. ha!

Playing at church

Dinner at Mooya

Wearing all the colors and heading to the Galleria.

Checking out the friends at Old Navy

And a trip to the galleria isn't' complete without the carousel.

Planting an herb garden

and practicing our spitting

they loved planting the herbs and got so into it.

Too cool for school

Oh and Emma's legs grew in April

Hiking at one of our favorite spots.

It's always fun when it's time to start playing in the water

and eating popsicles outside.

This quickly became Hudson's favorite shirt ever.

Bike parade with the preschool ministry

Fireman and Elsa

Lunch with my two at Urban Cookhouse

Dinner with the fam

eating rolls as big as their heads.

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