Saturday, September 5, 2015


Hey long lost friend! Before I start blogging again regularly I want to go back and at least get pictures on here from the last 7 (OH MY!) months. So, here's what happened way back in February.

Playing at the church playground.

Going to see a movie...unfortunately, I can't remember what movie. :(

Park time with friends. Emma and Audrey are such sweet friends.

Family hike. Exploring caves.

Many times after we go hiking, we will go eat dinner at The Boot. These two love eating at The Boot.

Followed by ice cream!

Follow up from Emma's tubes surgery at the ENT.

In February I was on the committee for the IF Gathering simulcast at our church. We spent the entire day decorating and it was so fun and turned out so good.

The event itself was incredible and was a great success. 

Valentine's Sunday before church.

My sweet boy made me a beautiful necklace at school and was so proud.

We entered the twirling phase and I don't see it ending any time soon.

Waiting at the dentist.

Frozen dress up box from PJ!

Good southern boy enjoying some ribs.

and a good southern girl going to town on pulled pork.

Valentine's Day pancake breakfast

Emma's first haircut!

our Valentine's Day tradition...homemade pizza.

We spent a ton of time painting during the winter months. 

Clearly she dressed herself

a quick family selfie before John left for Switzerland.

Hudson started writing words on his own.

And perfecting his smily faces. :)

Checking out the map to see where daddy went.

More painting. Also, it was about 30 degrees outside but Emma picked out her outfit.

Full lap

Emma also went through a phase where she would paint herself if I wasn't watching close enough. This was one morning before school when John was in Switzerland. Awesome

Playing Roll & Play. We love this game!

More painting and drawing.

We met our friends at the Galleria for CFA and carousel riding.

He drew a lion and was so proud

Checking out all of the "princesses" aka celebrities in their Oscar gowns.

My sweet girl and I at lunch while Hudson was in school. She loved this chicken and wild rice soup.

John came home from Switzerland and they were thrilled!

Cookie making...waiting on the snow

We had a "snow" day. We waited and watched all day long for the snow.

Finally, around 7:30 pm it lightly snowed. 

Puppets and popcorn!

More hiking

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