Saturday, January 15, 2011

Gender Guess!

We find out on February 1 what Baby Woods will be! There is a poll over there ----> so take a guess!

Last Wednesday at choir John announced that we would be finding out if Baby Woods is a boy or a boy. He has had a gut instinct from the very beginning that this baby is a boy.

At first I was thinking girl. Up until about Thanksgiving I just knew it was a girl. But for the past few months everytime I imagine what it will be like with a baby, I imagine boy. I dream it is a boy. So I'm thinking boy also.

Of course, either way we are so excited and already have names picked out. They are names that I have loved for so long and would say them to John early in our marriage and he wouldn't love them. But for some reason now he loves them too. Our girl name was actually brought up again by him. One day he was in the nursery and said, "What about ----- for a girl?" I was a little surprise and taken off guard because he loved it.

We are going to share those names once we know for sure what we are having, but I will say now that if it is a boy the middle name will be Spencer (after John and he will be the 5th boy in his family with Spencer for a middle name) and if it is a girl her middle name will be Rose. My middle name is Rose and I was named after my grandmother (Rosalie).

So until February 1...take a guess! What do you think Baby Woods will be?!?!


  1. i need to know some more what are you craving and the baby's heartbeat....also we need a bump picture to see if you are carrying how a boy carries or how a girl carries!

  2. I'm thinking boy....I'm afraid you're going to pay for John's raising in a boy like I've paid for Peter's raising in Bradley! They are fun and wonderful, and the relationship between a Mother and Son is very special. Of course, all of this can be said as well for a girl! Either way you win!

    On another note- any chance of getting the recipe for tamale dressing? That sounds yummy!

  3. I think girl.
    (You should know when I say this, that I am ALWAYS 100% wrong when guessing baby gender. Always. I have never, not ever, been right. SO... I guess it will be a boy! :-)

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  5. I voted girl. But, obviously, I'm biased towards boys at the moment. :) Can't wait to hear!!!

  6. I voted girl!

    (I also dreamed my Miss K was a boy, but in my gut I wanted a girl so bad. I honestly was surprised that Kennedie was a girl because I kept having dream after dream about baby boys. Someone told me it is opposite of what you dream- who knows if that is really true, but it was for me.)

    I can't wait to hear what you are having!


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