Thursday, January 20, 2011

Weekend Update

should have posted this Tuesday, but better late than never, right?

My sister came to visit this weekend and we had such a fun time. John had to go down to the valley with some people for church to do some planning for a spring break trip they are taking down there. Whitney and I had such a fun girl weekend!

She got here Friday night and brought the most amazing cake from her friend's bakery. (Side note: her friend is currently on the TLC show Cake Boss: Next Great Baker! Megan is still on and the finale airs next week!) She also brought some cupcakes, but I didn't get a picture. They were fantastic also.



Friday night we loved on Oliver, ate lasagna, salad and garlic bread, ate some yummy cake and watched part of a movie. It was horrible so we didn't even finish it. I can't even remember the name of it.

We slept in and had breakfast and a relaxing morning. Around noon we got ready and met up with a friend and her daughter for lunch. Then we shopped...not for long, there is only so much shopping in Victoria!

We came back home, changed into comfy clothes and then went and saw Country Strong. It was a great movie and we both loved it. On our way home we stopped and picked up a pizza and spent another relaxing night at home. And ate some cupcakes.

We skipped church and slept in and had the most relaxing day. We did make it to the store to get a couple of things for lunch. I'll share that recipe soon! Most of the day we stayed in bed, reading magazines and watching Friends. It was a perfect relaxing day. I even managed to get a couple loads of laundry done!

Sunday night I had to be at church because I help out in a kindergarden class on Sunday nights. Whitney stayed home with Oliver. John also got back and on our way home we went and picked up fajitas and queso for dinner. We settled in for the night watching the Golden Globes (anyone else think Natalie Portman's laugh during her speech was hilarious?).

I was off on Monday! Whitney left to go back to Dallas Monday morning and then John and I had some things to get done. He went to go get a haircut and work for a few hours and I stayed home and tried to be somewhat productive. We finished off the night with Carino's for dinner outside in the backyard by the chiminea.





It was a perfectly relaxing weekend!

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  1. Sounds relaxing, just what the momma-to-be needs! I've been watching the Next Great Baker- Paul is friends with Megan's husband- so I started it over Christmas! So fun.


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