Thursday, July 23, 2009


My friends...

I have an iPhone!

Yes, it's true. And it is amazing. On so many levels.

First, I set it up ALL.BY.MYSELF. True story. I was forced to set it up all by myself. After John and I left AT&T he had to go up to Baylor to do some work for the Alleluia conference so I came home and did it all by myself. Go me!

Second, it's an iPhone. Enough said.

Now...I need your help. What are your favorite Apps? I've already downloaded TwitterFon, Facebook, Weather Channel and Fandango. But I know there is more amazing-ness out there.

So leave a comment and share the App Love!


  1. I don't have an iPhone (not quite cool enough yet) but I have heard a lot about this app called "I Heart Radio" where you can listen to any radio station in the world. I guess the hard part is finding a radio station worth listening to all the time. =)

  2. URBANSPOON for sure...


    PANDORA is amazing

    love it...

  3. sorry I've been delayed in giving you some iPhone tips :)

    Here are a few I love:
    - TipStar (for when you need to split the bill)
    - Showtimes
    - Shazam (lets you put your phone to the radio to tell you what song is playing!)
    - Pandora
    - Sol Free (Solitare)
    - Grocery IQ (It costs .99 but its so cool and organizes your grocery list for you!)
    - Lost it! (Love it! Tracks your weight loss, food intake, and exercise)
    - Backgrounds (cool for putting new pictures on your phone)
    - iFitness (gives you detailed workouts to help you in the gym)

    For more fun tricks on how to use your iPhone go here:

    OR you can take the guided tour on


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