Tuesday, July 28, 2009

change, moving, waco, restaurants, etc.

The longer I live in Waco the more I love it. I am so comfortable here. Everything is so familiar. But change is good. And change is about to happen.

John is out of town this week so I'm finishing up the packing, patching nail holes, taking down cabinets and shelves (yes, I'm using power tools!), and painting. It's a lot of work and I got a pretty good workout last night by moving boxes. You move boxes non-stop for almost 2 hours and you will too.

Knowing that we are leaving Waco soon {and by soon, I mean in less than 1 week} I've tried to visit our favorite places. And by places I really mean restaurants.

Here are a few that I've gone to one last time:
D's Mediterranean Grill (for a chicken kabob, greek salad and spanakopita)
Cafe Cappuccino (for a spinach egg white omelet and a banana pecan pancake)
Food for Thought (for really anything on their menu, black bean burrito mostly)
Siete Mares (for grilled Mahi Mahi with creamy crawfish jalapeno sauce)
Se Cocina (for fajitas and chips and salsa)
Papa Rollo's (for pizza)

And a few places I would like to make it to: {not sure I will...these are the non-figure friendly places!}
Health Camp (for a milkshake)
Vitek’s (for a Gut Pack)
Baris (for salad, bread and pasta)
Lolitas (for a breakfast burrito and chips and queso)

It seems like everyone who moves to Waco dreads it at first but grows to love it. We love it.

Those of you who have lived here or do live here, what do you love most/miss most about Waco?


  1. It's been a while since I've been to Waco. Cafe Cappuccino sounds good!

  2. awww i miss waco!!

    i miss having everything within a 5-minute distance. dallas is not exactly like that :)

  3. 3 Words for you:

    Food. For. Thought.

    2 more words for you:

    Chicken. Nachos.

    My 2nd runner up is a Spring Roll from Clay Pot. (I'm actually surprised they didn't make it on your list!)

  4. I've heard it called this before...and I really like it. It's the Waco Sucks phenomenon. When you first move here Waco sucks..nothing to do, not a big city, etc. Then, Waco SUCKS you in, and you grow to love it! That's definitely what happened to us!

    - Emily Womack Gist

  5. i know exactly what you mean. after jay and i moved to austin, we realized how much we loved waco. such a great place to raise a family. here are my things i miss:
    1) food for thought
    2) honeybee
    3) spice
    4) honey's on austin ave.
    5) being able to get anywhere in NO time!
    6) walks around baylor campus (we had our "let's pretend where are in college nights!"

  6. I miss Waco SOOOO MUCH. I would want to go to Happy Hour at Ninfa's, I would want to go to Food for Thought and have everything PLUS peanut butter pie! I miss Cafe Cappucino and their spinach/cheese omelet. AND DEFINITELY Katie's Custard for the brownie sunday + oreo crumbs on top- hey-o!

  7. i miss it all!!! i wish we could go back!

  8. I ended up loving Waco too! It was such a great time in my life. I miss Spice and all of the other family owned businesses. I miss the community and the feel of the place and all of the ministries that reach out to the people in Waco. And, of course, I miss what I would now consider those care free college days (they certainly weren't care free at the time...but I know better now)!

  9. I have never heard of 2 of your places: D's Mediterranean Grill and Se Cocina

    Makes me sad, I feel out of the Waco loop (I should, since I haven't lived there in 3 years)

    But... I would for sure go to Ninfa's, Food for Thought, Cafe Cappuccino, Olive Branch, Schmaltzes, and Common Grounds... and maybe Chilli's in the parking garage (for old time's sake). :)

  10. hi lindsay! thanks for your comment on my blog! it is always fun meeting new friends, especially BAYLOR friends. :) i'll be stopping by more often... your blog is soooo cute!!!!

  11. Oh... so many places have changed since we left so MANY, MANY years ago!!!

    We went looking for Egg Roll House (favorite cheap Chinese when we were there), but, alas, it was gone...

    Love Health Camp shakes.

    Love George's Big O's and Burgers.

    Used to love the Elite, but last time we went there, it had all changed. (No college co-eds waiting tables in yellow T-shirts anymore!)

    We loved Waco, and would go back in a heartbeat!!


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