Monday, July 6, 2009

rainy days and Mondays...

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So it's raining today. If you live in the Central Texas area you know that. It started a little after 6:00 this morning. Complete with lots of thunder and lightening so of course I was up with the TV on checking all the local weather stations to see if that meant a tornado was coming. (I'm a little scared of tornadoes and as soon as it starts raining I'm checking the weather. Even if it is 2:00am. John is used to it.) Luckily the weather man said those magic words, "lots of rain but no severe weather." Whew! So I headed to the shower praying the power wouldn't go out since the electricity had already flickered a little.

It was POURING when I left for work (didn't help that I'm wearing a maxi dress today...I wasn't thinking too well this morning). So I'm holding my umbrella, purse, another bag with my breakfast and lunch, water bottle, the bottom of my dress and keys and run to my car. Get inside with my hair still dry (success!) and get to work. I pull up and there is a front row spot (another success...especially working at Baylor!) make it inside only a little wet (this time I did not hold up the bottom of my dress).

I was the first person into the office so it was quiet and dark. I started unloading my stuff, popped my breakfast in the microwave and the fire alarms go off! So I grab my purse and umbrella and head back outside in the RAIN just as one of my co-workers was pulling up so I got in her car and we waited. It took 3 fire trucks and firemen in full fire-fighting attire to assess the situation and let us know it was safe to go back inside.

{Side note: We already knew there wasn't a fire. The fire alarms go off ALL THE TIME right now. They are doing lots of work in our building and anytime one of the sensors gets bumped or a little dust they are set off.}

It brings a whole new meaning to the song lyrics, "rainy days and Mondays always get me down..."


  1. Readers, please note that I am NOT used to Lindsay getting up every time there is thunder. I am NOT used to waking up at 2:00 A.M. to the sound of the overly-dramatic weatherman yelling about a quarter inch of rain. I am NOT used to the sharp and painful burn of my eyes as they are seared by the brightness of the weather map beaming from our TV. I am NOT used to any of it.


  2. Poor, poor John! Lindsey, at least it wasn't your breakfast that set off the fire alarm. I set off the Collins alarm cooking Ramen Noodles...


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